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FORESKINMAN: Unconsciously Anti-Jew

The cutting-edge comic book has released a new volume.

Foreskinman comic book
Foreskinman was written and edited by Matthew Hess,
the president of
Artwork: FORESKINMAN Volume II

(PARIS, France) - The FORESKINMAN cartoon ( depicts the story of the rescue of baby Glick's foreskin by Superman's own brother. Indeed the child's sexual parts are in danger of being mutilated by religious Jews.

Mary, the mother does not want the procedure; her husband wants it. FORESKINMAN flies in and saves both the child and Mary, offering them hospitality far from the barbarous mutilators.

The whole issue is that in "God’s own country", there is a strong movement of Jews against circumcision that is very little present in Mr Matthew Hess's story.

Indeed, the "bris shalom" celebrant does not turn up at the ceremony and the American FORESKINMAN does not seem to be a Jew. We have to conclude that our friend is affected by unconscious anti-Jewism.

How may he, in his just fight against the primitive barbarity of sexual mutilation, ignore his Jewish comrades?

This is very unfair to them.

In Volume III of his comic, he does not do the same with the African VULVAGIRL.

We do not challenge the sincerity of his activism for the human rights of the helpless; we cannot but expose his arrogant contempt of those, amongst whom Queen Jezabel and King Achab, the Seleucides, John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul, Spinoza, Freud, the Nobel Prizes George Wald and Francis Crick, and Alice Miller notably, who have been fighting circumcision for centuries, much before American intactivists.

But the issue is not only a San Francisco one; a similar request was launched in Santa Monica but taken back in front of the outcry of the religious (Jews and Muslims). Besides, it is a world issue. All around the planet, the defenders of the child absolutely need the withdrawal of FORESKINMAN, Volume II, and its replacement by FORESKINMUM, who will turn out to be Jewish.

Nowadays in America and around the world, the Jews against circumcision get more and more audience:
Gonnen - Protect the Child

Jews Against Circumcision

Questioning Circumcision, A Jewish Perspective by Ron Goldman., PhD.

Beyond the Bris Milah: Jewish Intactivist Parenting Blog

Israeli Association Against Genital Mutilation

Kahal - Group for Israeli Parents of Intact Sons


Michel Hervé Navoiseau-Bertaux (Sigismond) is the author of "Sexual mutilation: excision, circumcision, the victims' point of view", for free at; he is an Independent psychoanalysis researcher (Chercheur indépendant en psychanalyse) based in Paris, France, who works with to help raise awareness of the massive societal problems connected to the blindly accepted, mutilating practice of circumcision. He says, "Non violence is as fundamental as violence, love and hatred, justice and injustice. But power is at the tip of the tongue and the sweet violence of speech, if one takes hold of it, can silence weapons."

(La non violence est aussi fondamentale que la violence, l'amour et la haine, le juste et l'injuste. Mais le pouvoir est au bout de la langue et la douce violence de la parole, si l'on s'en empare, peut faire taire les armes.)

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Sigismond (Michel Hervé Navoiseau-B July 17, 2011 9:26 am (Pacific time)

I'm asking Bonnie and Tim to update the article to take into account Hugh's remarks. Thanks a lot, Hugh.

Sigismond (Michel Hervé Navoiseau-B July 17, 2011 8:56 am (Pacific time)

You're right, Hugh, I slipped these informations from the comic. However, the Bris Shalom celebrant did not turn up at the gathering and, foremost, the American FORESKINMAN does not seem Jewish.

Sigismond (Michel Hervé Navoiseau-B July 17, 2011 8:42 am (Pacific time)

Shrewed comment, Richard!

Frederick Rhodes July 17, 2011 4:34 am (Pacific time)

Anti-Semetic/Jewish is no different than Islamophobia, and being pro-infant-circumcision is the same as being anti-Christ. Being an intactivist is the same as being pro human rights. Being of a religion is the same as dictatership. Allowing an educated man to choose over forcing parents to choose by false threats of hell or extinction, that's realy all that's going on here.

Richard L. Matteoli July 16, 2011 11:04 pm (Pacific time)

FORESKINMUM: Now that is where the real Power resides.

Hugh7 July 16, 2011 5:44 pm (Pacific time)

What does M. Navoiseau-Bertaux mean, "a strong movement of Jews against circumcision that is totally absent of Mr. Matthew Hess's story"? Baby Glick's mother belonged to that movement and he was about to have a Brit Shalom (Covenant of Peace) before his treacherous father changed the agenda. There is a Brit Shalom banner on the wall of the room where the ceremony was to take place. (To be sure, the cartoon assumes a level of knowledge of its readers that they may not have. Monster Mohel is about to perform "metzitzah b'peh" [sucking by mouth - still insisted on by some ultra-Orthodox mohelim] but the term is not translated.) Celebrants of Brit Shalom may be found here:

Locuta July 16, 2011 4:37 pm (Pacific time)

Moe here is right. Also interesting that the illustration for this article is Foreskin Man wrestling with the WASPy Dr. Mutilator from the first issue!

Editor: Point made regarding the artwork, but it typifies the comic. @Moe, Agreed. This issue is valid for all you described of course, this is just one point. More to come, rest assured.

Moe July 16, 2011 12:35 pm (Pacific time)

Where are the outcries of being anti-medical (issue 1 took on doctors)? Anti-African (issue 3 took on FGM in Africa)? Why am I only hearing charges of anti-semitism or anti-Jewish?

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