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Beyond Chutzpah

In the final analysis, it is an expression of hypocrisy and moral duplicity to brag about rescuing efforts in Port-au-Prince when you have just buried hundreds of children under the rubble of their own homes in Gaza City, Khan Younis and Rafah.

(OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM) - The brutal ugliness of the collective Israeli mentality seems to know no limits. Indeed, one wouldn’t go too far by arguing that the patterns of Israeli behaviors, nearly at all levels, reflect a real mental sickness.

In recent days, three observations of Israeli behaviors attracted my attention.

First, the Ayalon affair. Last week, Israeli Deputy-Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon called in the Turkish ambassador to reprimand him over a TV program that showed Israeli agents abducting children and shooting old men, an indisputably routine practice by the Israeli occupation army in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

A Jewish supremacist, Ayalon seated the Turkish ambassador Ahmet Oguz Celikkol on a chair lower than his own chair, ostensibly to humiliate him and show him “who the master is.”

He actually instructed a host of cameramen he had invited to “cover” the event to focus on the “inferiority” of the Turk vis-à-vis himself and the contemptible treatment meted out to the Turkish diplomat.

Daniel Ayalon

Ayalon is not an amateur diplomat. He has more than 20 years of experience of diplomatic service. He is also a former ambassador to the United States. Hence, the sickening conduct on his part can’t be explained away by citing inexperience.

The only explanation for Ayalon’s behavior is that he is suffering from a combination of mental disorder including superiority complex, megalomania, self-inflated ego and self-absorbedness. These are serious morbid psychotic behaviors. If untreated, there is a serious risk that next time, Ayalon would physically assault a foreign diplomat. Even a more scandalous feat can be expected. We are talking about insolent people who are mentally sick to the bones.

Ayalon is also an irredeemable, pathological liar. He claimed he didn’t really mean it and that he hadn’t preplanned the entire episode. “It would have worked perfectly had it not been for the media which blew it out of proportion,” said the sick thug who was eventually forced to formally apologize to Turkey for his idiotic misdeed.

Now, he says that the next time a foreign government criticizes Israel’s genocidal terror against the Palestinian people, Israel would expel the ambassador of that country. In other words, Ayalon believes that Israel, unlike any other country on earth, should be beyond criticism. So, the message is clear. “The next time Israel carries out a genocidal campaign and murders thousands of Palestinian or Lebanese children, no country should dare criticize the Jewish state.”

Well, the problem with Ayalon is that he epitomizes the brutal ugliness and cruelty of the overall Israeli mindset. What is more awful is that this morbid mentality is taking over Israel, its army, politicians and general discourse.

With this in mind, an Israeli journalist noted a few weeks ago that Israel in its entirety needs to seek treatment at a mental asylum. That asylum must be very huge, indeed, and would have to work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 30 days per month and 365 days per year.

My second observation has to do with Israel’s highlighted efforts to help the quake-stricken Haiti overcome the post-quake disaster. The Israeli and pro-Israeli media has been celebrating the Israeli decision to dispatch rescuers and relief materials to help the people of Haiti cope with the mega disaster.

Well, helping people is always a good and commendable act of charity. And it doesn’t matter where that help comes from as long it is motivated by good will, selflessness and a sincere desire to help.

However, when the real aim is to divert attention away from a huge crime, and when the supposedly charitable act is motivated more by public relations consideration and less by genuine human concerns, the first thing that comes to one's mind is the word “hypocrisy.”

Well, what Israel did to the people of Gaza is very much still fresh in everyone’s memory. Israel last year and for 21 consecutive days rained death on hundreds of thousands of innocent children and other civilians, murdering more than 1400 human beings, including more than 330 children. Several thousand civilians were injured, maimed and incinerated by the deadly clouds of white phosphorus. Moreover, as many as 40 thousand homes were completely or partially destroyed. This is in addition to the wanton pornographic bombing of mosques, schools, and public buildings.

The Israeli army used all of its weapons of death, including the American state-of-the-art technology of death, against a helpless people who lacked the ability to protect themselves and their children. Israel did what it did knowingly and deliberately. In short, Israel committed genocidal crimes against humanity against a helpless, unprotected people.

And until this moment, Israel is still refusing to allow building materials to reach these tormented human beings and enable them to rebuild their homes. The reason is none other than the fact that Israelis and many Jews draw satisfaction from seeing Gazans suffer.

So, it is really difficult to believe that the Israeli relief efforts in Haiti are motivated by genuine human considerations. If they were, Israel would lift the suffocating siege now imposed on the people of Gaza for the third consecutive year, all because Gaza had dared elect a government that Israel and the US didn’t like.

In the final analysis, it is an expression of hypocrisy and moral duplicity to brag about rescuing efforts in Port-au-Prince when you have just buried hundreds of children under the rubble of their own homes in Gaza City, Khan Younis and Rafah.

The third and final observation is really disgusting in a special way... The Israeli electronic and print media has been using photos of Palestinian orphans whose parents and relatives have been murdered by the Israeli army in advertisements designed to raise money for “poor Jewish children.”

One photo of a crying, bedraggled and distraught-looking girl is used widely to appeal to potential donors to donate money in order to feed hungry Jewish children. What is strange about this is that the very same picture happens to be of a Palestinian child whose father was killed in Beit Lahya in the northern Gaza Strip during the genocidal Israeli onslaught last year.

This is more than disgusting. It is comparable to Nazis using photos or images of their victims to raise money for legitimate German causes. This act, coming from a state that continues to impose a hermetic, suffocating siege on the people and relatives of the child in question is just beyond Chutzpah.

This is why, the brutal ugliness of the Israeli mentality knows no limits.


Special thanks to Uprooted Palestinians

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Ohad - Proud Israeli January 25, 2010 5:49 pm (Pacific time)

I usually don't comment on stupidity but here goes. What should the world take from Israel's aid in Haiti? The fact that Israel helps everyone provided they do not risk its security (though even then it helps them as RK noted). Haitians and Palestinians have one thing in common: Both agree with the Goldstone report (Haiti supported it). What do they don't have in common? Gaza lobbed more than 10000 rockets at Israel for 8 years. No country can seat still for that no matter how humanitarian it is. Palestinians have no one to blame for their situation but themselves. In 2000 they were offered 94% of the W Bank, whole of Gaza, return of 200K refugees to ISR proper (Barak offered that even though he knew there's is no public support for it. He hoped that once Palestinians agreer, he could sell it to the public), E Jerusalem as a capital, and joint custody on the holy places (Israel on the W Wall, and the ground beneath Al Aqsa which is the Temple Mount, while Palestinians on the ground above, meaning Al Aqsa and no digging on either side) and they refused. Israel cannot and will not offer more than that (considering the 2nd intifada, next offer will not include the 200K). If Palestiians wanted to end this, they could have. They chose not to. Maybe because the tunnel smuggling industry brings Hamas more than 45M$ a month with a revenue of 85M$ a month per tunnel according to a recent Egyptian report. What a shame

Editor: It is a shame alright, how the Palestinians are caged in like animals, treated like slaves, murdered, not humble enough to is Israeli oppressors, right?  Your motto to them in honesty is, "respect the colonializing oppressors" but instead you parade as saviors.  The last time someone wrote about Gaza they said the number of rockets that had been fired from Gaza was 5000, amazing how you guys do your math.  Even 10000, isn't that about an hour's worth of an IDF attack.  In the end, people are increasingly figuring it out, we are not being cowed into submission, in this case because this report is generated in the U.S. where we have freedom of press, unlike Israel.  We also at least struck down our racist politics also, as Israel has implemented them and enhanced them.  It isn't going to last long at the rate it's going, I hope you all realize that. As for the tunnels, maybe if you took the stupid blockade down, then people wouldn't need those tunnels to "smuggle in food" which is their biggest purpose.  You Israeli's create Hell for the Palestinians, and also for yourselves. 

Frances January 25, 2010 12:24 am (Pacific time)

I hope Palestinians know that many Americans (albeit ones with no power even in our own country) do recognize Israel for the aggressors they are. I would go further and say I think we have an enemy in common. I think more and more Americans are trying to figure out who is hiding in the shadows and pulling strings. I hope we all find out in time to save our countries, our world.

RK January 24, 2010 5:47 pm (Pacific time)

Seems to me the Haitians also haven't lobbed over 5000 mortar shells and rockets into Israel. Never mind that when Israel did setup a clinic to evaluate Gazans for further treatment in Israel, Hamas said no. Come Mr. Amayreh, do your homework and maybe cajole your friends to join the at least the late 20th Century.

Editor: That is simply ridiculous.  The Haitians didn't lob weapons at Israel because Israel doesn't treat Haiti like Poland in the late 1930's.  Maybe it is the several thousand miles of distance.  Maybe it is because Israel did not steal Haiti from the people who lived there.  That might be the strangest and most unrelated comparison I have ever heard an Israeli make.  

Incidentally, in comparison to Israel's millions of attacks, 5000 is very small change, thanks for clarifying that.  Don't get me wrong, there are good people in Israel and they are closing in on the terrible system that makes Israel such a cruel, illegal merchant of death, and each of those attacks that killed or hurt people in Israel is terrible.  Can't we just reach the point where people aren't always taking sides?  I feel like the little band of Israeli cyber warriors who always attack the good work our writers contribute, is getting really old and obvious.  

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