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Mob Attacked Christians on Christmas day

Police have not arrested Muslim attackers but are twisting incident in communal riots.

Victim from the Christmas Day attack. Photos: Shamim Masih

(ISLAMABAD) - Christmas traditionally means carol singing, new clothes, and celebrations; unfortunately for Pakistani Christians things have become much more difficult since the blasphemy laws are hanging like a sward on the neck.

Its misused is clearly seen in Rimsha’s case in Islamabad. Christians living in the same neighborhood say they are facing a bleak and joyless Christmas, crushed b poverty and harassed by Muslims.

It’s not far away, in Iqbal Town, Islamabad (few miles away on Islamabad Express way), Muslim mob attacked Christians going for Christmas service on Christmas day.

It was daylight, in Iqbal Town, Islamabad, on December 25, 2012, when Christian worshipers were coming out of churches after performing Christmas prayers, Muslim extremists equipped with automatic rifles, pistols and sticks attacked the Christian women, children and men.

Asharaf Masih, when running to save his life was hit with bullet in his leg, Iqbal Masih received bullet injuries in his leg and arm, Shahzad Masih was injured fell on the ground and was beaten with iron rod mercilessly by mob, Yousaf Masif was seriously injured while many others women, men and children received injuries.

The mob broke their gates and entered into their houses and was firing for an hour. The Christian locked their houses and saved their life, when police arrived. The police arrived on scene to maintain law and order and arrested two men name Mohammad Khalid and Riasat Satti and sent injured Christians for medico-legal in hospital.

The case under Section 452, 109, 324,148,149 PPC was registered in First Information Report (FIR) number 669/2012, in Shahzad Town PS against 25 unknown and 4 nominated Muslim attackers but police released one nominated arrested accused Mohammad Riasat Satti same evening of December 25, 2012 and rest of them are wondering in the same streets. This is alarming situation for the Christian residents.

The tension was high all over Pakistan and special security arrangements were adopted by government after a religious decree of one Muslim cleric against celebrations of Christmas and participation of Muslims in it.

Pakistani Christian so called political leadership, National Harmony Minister Dr. Paul Bhatti and State Minister Akram Gill were also busy in photo shoots with high ranking officials and Shahzad Town Police Station officials are not arresting Muslim attackers but twisting incident in communal riots. None of them has reached to these Christians so far.

We reached there to negotiate with administration to stress on the arrest the rest of the attackers, remove blockades and security of life from further attacks of Muslim mob.

The news of this attack on Christians on Christmas Day was intentionally blocked by media and administration of capital city Islamabad.

About Shamim Masih

"I am Christian rights activist and freelancer Pakistani journalist specializing in writing about Christians rights for the different papers in the world. My aim is to create a peaceful environment in the society and to help eliminate Christian persecution through my writing as I bring the plight of these brave people under the spotlight of the whole world."

Shamim Masih was born in Sheikhopura's village and raised in Gujranwala, a city in Pakistan's Punjab province. He earned his Bachelors Degree from the University of the Punjab, Lahore majoring in English, Economics and Statistics; he also received a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

As a freelance writer and author, Shamim has written for different papers in the world; his expertise is in writing articles highlighting different social issues. He has served as freelance chief reporter and column writer in “Minority Times” in Islamabad, and a number of Shamim's articles have been published in local papers as well.

You can write to Shamim at this address:



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Jimmy January 4, 2013 8:59 pm (Pacific time)

So, are you throwing a blanket over all religions, or just the non Moslem ones? It is very sad to see who Tim and Bonnie have handed the keys to these days. I fear that with non-objective "reporting" from the likes of you, this once great source of news is becoming more and more just a blog of hatred and bigotry. Please, tell me how wrong I am. I'm sure you will not be able to resist.

Tim King: I am confused as can be. I thought you were unhappy  because we were too friendly toward Muslims.  This story is about Christians being persecuted by Muslims.  You can not find a better example of our giving coverage to everybody.  So as we rally for Christians suffering oppression from Muslims, I fall into the category you describe because I don't want to hang this matter on the views of an entire religion.  Honestly, this just fails to make sense even as an argument.  I will go to my grave refusing to judge any group by the acts of a few.  There are reasons things happen, they are complex and not simple to explain.  All of the insults and labels will not make me change my position, it would be wrong for me to do that.  

Jimmy January 4, 2013 7:28 pm (Pacific time)

Well Mr. editor, I learned to think critically in college. What flavor or religious fairy tales were shoved down your throat? Not seeing much news lately about Christians killing non-believers, are you?

Editor: You learned to think like a sheep in college.  How many were killed in drone attacks at the hands of so-called 'Christian' Americans?

Anonymous January 3, 2013 9:11 pm (Pacific time)

Ah the religion of peace. Why is it that the editor constantly decent radical Islam like on Jimmy's comment. Sure, all religions kill but these days the majority of killings, rapes, burning down churches, honor killings and so on, it's been committed by Radical Muslims, terrorists. You want me to spell it out for you? You constantly defend radical Islam. Make these animals link like the victims. Why don't you stop smoking your marijuana and start opening your eyes and see the truth about these animals.

Editor: I don't ever defend so-called 'radical Islam'. I just hate to see you guys throw a blanket over an entire religion, the Christians are the most dangerous people on earth toward others and the Buddhist are the second-worst, and the Zionists are right there with them.   How many people have they killed?  How many Iraqis did the radical Christian Americans kill?  You are the animal.  

Jimmy January 3, 2013 2:14 pm (Pacific time)

But Islam is so peaceful.

Editor: Right, wise thing to hang the crime of individuals in a particular place on an entire religion, did you learn how to process thought like that in college?  Do you suggest the same about all other religions whose members kill?  If so you're gonna run out of beans real soon!

Oregun January 3, 2013 12:49 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you for reporting this information about Christans and the attacks to them. It help me keep focus on my own faith and pray for those are peaceful in an un-peaceful enviornment.

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