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Arch-Criminal Flees Country to Escape British Justice

Norman has left the building....

UK regard for its WWII Vets like Norman Scarth is questionable.
Britain's regard for its WWII Vets like Norman Scarth is questionable.

(LONDON) - The arch-criminal Norman Scarth has fled the country to escape British Justice (now there’s an oxymoron for you!) He has spread terror throughout West Yorkshire with his leaflets, grown men & women afraid to leave their homes for fear of attack.

Innocent people have sometimes been caught in the crossfire & have been seriously traumatised as a result. A crack squad of West Yorkshire Police had been brought together & given all the resources they needed to nail this most dangerous man. They finally did so, & in a Manchester court on 23 February expected to be rewarded by seeing him put back behind bars for a very long time!

However, with the cunning of Carlos the Jackal he disguised himself as an old man and escaped from under their noses at the very last moment. Manchester District Judge Taff put a Fatwah on him – ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive’ – preferably dead. He is believed to have fled to Euroland or some such place. Interpol have been alerted & there is a world-wide search for this most dangerous man. People are warned not to approach him as he is thought to be armed to the teeth with leaflets.

NOTE: THAT is how the twisted minds of the Quislings who now rule Britain would describe Norman Scarth. The nation praises as Heroes those who served on the Arctic Russian Convoys in the fight against Fascism, Norman Scarth being one of only 200 of those men now left. Some will say he is MORE of a Hero now for daring to speak the truth about the Quislings who have achieved by stealth what Hitler failed to do by force, turning Britain into a ruthless, lawless, murderous & merciless Orwellian Police State, a country where speaking the truth is a criminal offence. ESPECIALLY telling the truth about the rotten apples within the judiciary. And we all know what happens to the rest of the apples in a barrel if the rotten ones are not removed!

Dame Janet Smith was given the task of heading the Inquiry into the killings by Dr. Harold Shipman. In her Report she identified a ‘Culture of Fear in the National Health Service’, whereby nurses & junior doctors were afraid to voice their suspicions about Shipman because they were in fear of the consultants, thus allowing Shipman to kill many more after he should have been stopped.

That ‘Culture of Fear’ goes much wider than just the NHS: it runs throughout the nation – people afraid to blow the whistle about crime in high places because they fear suffering the same fate as Andy McCardle.

Or indeed that of Norman Scarth who suffered 17 years of persecution before being forced to flee the country of his birth, the country for which he fought in World War II; the country in which he worked honestly & hard all his life – harder than ever since he set out to expose the Judicial Mafia & other Quislings. The shame is not so much that such evil, treacherous, treasonous people run the country, but that the British people allow it to happen!”

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February 27, 2012 6:39 pm (Pacific time)

Are there copies of the leaflets available to see what he was writing?

Editor: I will try to find out.

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