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Ken O'Keefe Lecture at Middlesex University - Israeli Apartheid Week

Either way so be it, in life, death or in prison I will not be silent. TJP

Ken O'Keefe at Middlesex University
Ken O'Keefe at Middlesex University

(LONDON) - Ken O'Keefe lit up the audience last week at Middlesex University. An event sponsored by Free Palestine Society & Interpal. It was part of Israeli Apartheid Week.

It isn't like he ever gives a bad public lecture, but this is truly a great performance as Ken addresses the reasons behind Israeli apartheid; western governments with U.S. in front position, the UK in number two place, and so on.
- TK

Here is my lecture last week at Middlesex University. The one with our friendly Zionists. Watch the video to see what they reckon I should be jailed for; 'incitement' they call it.

I would have to agree that telling the truth is the most revolutionary activity of our time and the UK police have already arrested me once on bogus pretences so we shall see.

Either way so be it, in life, death or in prison I will not be silent, we will not be silent, no matter what they do to me, there will be justice. TJP

Middlesex University: Sponsored by Free Palestine Society & Interpal Israeli Apartheid Week February 23, 2012

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rob March 8, 2012 1:06 pm (Pacific time)

Even a left wing UK blog like Though Cowards Flinch thinks Ken is racist

Editor: Well they're out of the reality zone too, like you, because Ken loves humanity, and he is not racist.  He is, like I... a Humanitarian who disapproves of Israel's heinous bigotry and NAZI-like approach.  Apartheid bastards, you are going to see big changes in Israel.  Only the cowards stand for apartheid. 

Josh March 4, 2012 10:12 am (Pacific time)

How despicable. Comparing Jews today with Nazis, when this guy supports suicide bombings and says Israel should be "destroyed"? The only Nazis here are you sick freaks on the left who support this kind of talk.

Editor: Well we think what Israel does as a matter of policy is terrible and Ken is right on every count, as far as the word 'destroyed' goes, this is the word Israelis like to use.  Only sick freaks support the destruction of Palestine, only sick freaks support Israeli apartheid, Israel's murder of children and innocents... how dare you support that cruelty while acting indignant, who do you think you are?  Did somebody die and leave you God?  Nope, didn't think so.  Ken is a thousand times the man you or anyone like you will ever even wish to be..

rob March 1, 2012 8:34 am (Pacific time)

Ken went on his usual tirade of blaming Mossad for 9 11 despite having a case that would make a dicatorship blush of its lack of evidence

As for comparing Jews to Germans in Nazi Germany if that is not sick as well as highly inaccurate comparison I don't know what is

Tim King: Wow, you really like opening cans of worms don't you?  I love your indignant tone, as if Israel, a government with blood dropping from its lip wouldn't be involved in this terrible act.  Anyone with half a brain can deduct who did and who did not benefit from 911.  We have written about this at great length and there is plenty of evidence to support Ken's allegation.  

Jan-05-2012: 9/11 and Israel: Alan Sabrosky's Candid Interview

Jun-29-2011: Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake - Dr. Alan Sabrosky

May-01-2010: The Next 9/11-Made in Israel? - Maidhc Ó Cathail

Mar-20-2010: Operation Cyanide and Israel's Role in 9/11 - Tim King

Augr-29-2011: 9/11: A Conspiracy Beyond Theory - Paul J Balles

 Sept-11-2011: Troubling Questions Lead to Demands for 9/11 Truth - Shabana Syed Special to

 For many more of our 911 articles, visit: Rounding Up Years of 911 Stories on - Tim King

 So you don't like the Nazi comparison?  Well boo hoo, I'll buy you a box of wipes.  You dare suggest that there is not a direct correlation?  Well there is, it is exactly the same and the Zionists ARE NO BETTER THAN NAZI'S and the truth, probably worse.  You take our US tax money and route people from their homes, you live in a nation of murderous dogs and pigs.  I don't write such cruel things to people who approach comments in a rational way, you lose on every count.  

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