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I Miss George W. Bush

What is it that we appreciate in a president today?

(SALEM) - You know, President G.W. Bush was a straight shooter, we always knew what to expect, we knew what we could count on, and he was easy to write about.

Strange I know, but it is true. President Barack Obama is a big puzzle, nobody knows what to think, and he isn't criticized for what he is responsible for. Instead we see him move around like a pinball in a game and he keeps people guessing. His administration probably loves things like the 'birth certificate' matter because it keeps his opponents focused on the utterly ridiculous; the intensely non-resolvable non-issues...

The Palestinians were told and believed that he was an answer to their problems, yet his alliance remains unequivocally toward Israel. Then the Israelis of course believe that Obama is a Muslim.

And that leads right back into the cloud of obscurity that has come to represent this man. I mean the whole idea of his two names resembling America's two most wanted characters of the last decade... that is really crazy isn't it?

I was lost on the man over the false promises he made to the Arab world in Cairo... It's sad, all we need to do in this world is spread the wealth, we need the richest to be a little less rich, and the poor to be a little less hungry. When stomachs are full, people can do things, when they believe their children are safe, they can do more.

Both of these more recent two presidents spur memories of the silver haired president, the one and only Bill Clinton, and it is a fact that none had the presence that man did, none were attractive to everyone the way the man from Arkansas was, I was lucky to see him four times in my career, all during visits to Las Vegas.

Clinton's military effort to counter the Serb military might have been one of the last operations conducted by US forces that was not to bring a specific domestic economic benefit, that means something.

As for old 'W', it was so easy to grade and evaluate his character, he was basically a huge windbag that had no adherence to truth, perhaps he didn't even really understand what truth is, it certainly was never important to him. But this guy was who he was, and we knew who he was, Obama is more deceptive, perhaps just a shade or two better as a person, perhaps not...


Tim King, summer 2008, covering the Iraq War

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Anonymous February 22, 2012 8:02 am (Pacific time)

President George Bush has saved literally millions of lives in Africa because of the resources for HIV sent there. Who knows how many countless millions will be saved in the future because of his leadership in this area? How many did LBJ, Carter, Clinton or Obama ever save via their leadership? Those who hate Bush simply do not understand the flow of history and the causal variables that interacted with that flow. Talk to a Kurd, talk to an infected HIV African survivor, talk to a Iraqi or Afghanistani immigrant, etc. , etc. . Cherry picking particular areas of discontent are simply an agenda based on misleading others. Look at the UN and congressional testimonies going back to Carter...

Tim King: Yeah  you're right in that LBJ didn't save many AIDS patients, of course nobody had heard of it until 20 years after his time in office....  

Anonymous February 19, 2012 7:23 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King you are right.

gp February 19, 2012 3:11 pm (Pacific time)

Before Obama was elected my husband read his books. They said nothing, took no moral stands, were pretty much empty rhetoric like all his speeches. At least this is what my partner told me before Obama was put into office by his handlers who also put W into office. You have to be nuts to think that anyone is electected now with those hopelessly corrupt "voting" machines.

Tim King: Amen to that GP

Anonymous February 19, 2012 7:04 am (Pacific time)

Tim every competent law enforcement professional who has worked in an urban environment had an instant read on Obama going back to when he was a kid smoking grass in the Islands. He is no different now than he was then, he just has more evil string pullers, and unfortunately, more competent. To get a read on Obama, just pay attention to people like Axlerod, Emmanuel and Soros (and all Zionists). Obama is an empty vessel. Just ask why he has never shown his university grade transcripts? Why has not even one of his students that he taught constitutional law shown up to discuss his class on that subject? How come he is the first person of the Harvard Law Review to never publish anything? How come both he and his wife have no legal trail with their law degrees? How come he voted "present" so many times in the Illinois state legislature? How many of those promises he made 4 years ago have been re-worked as new promises for the current campaign, which began in earnest last Labor Day? The guy gets in front of a teleprompter and reads a script. So what does a carnival barker say and sound like? Who built Las Vegas, the winners or losers? What were the voters who voted for Obama? What are they if they vote for him again? At least the conservatives bring peace and prosperity when they have the democrats behave properly to get the needed legislation passed. Why didn't the democrats crash the Bush tax cuts when they controlled congress in the lame duck session in December 2010? People talk about Bush's drinking problem of years ago, his National Guard service when he flew high performance jets, but what military background for Clinton or Obama? How come no follow up questions on Obama's felony cocaine use? Who was/were his pusher(s)? Did they ever blackmail him? Do they now? Does he still use? Does he "Jones" for more now? Hell you could go on endlessly about him on so many areas, but to listen to Jerimiah Write for 20 years and say he never heard any racist comments from him in that time truly reflects all you need to know about Obama and the kind of chracter he is made of.

Tim King: I think Obama is a sad case, he had the chance to really do something but has only pandered to the rich, which is obviously Bush's biggest problem, hell Bush didn't have the ability to think otherwise.  I despise the legacy of GW Bush, he was likely the most terrible president to ever live, and the things you cite over Obama, they don't even matter.  His problem is that he is too much like his predecessor.  And also, I admire Rev Wright, a man with the guts to call it like it is and I don't mean in an Internet comment. 

Anonymous February 18, 2012 8:09 pm (Pacific time)

Well, you are one of the few who missed this uneasy,foul-mouthed and ever-grinning-booze induced individual. He would have never stayed so long, had there been an honest election, instead of a Supreme Court Appointment.

A not so honest judiciary, makes a lawless America

Tim King: I've never written more critically about any other person or their actions- than Bush, all I mean is that Obama is harder to read, maybe not as bad, but Bush was obviously bad.

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