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No Coal Eugene Banner Drop

We are opposed to the use of fossil fuels as a non-renewable energy source because of its effect on the global climate and global health.

Eugene coal train banner
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(EUGENE, Ore.) - Today at approximately 1:36 PM members of No Coal Eugene dropped a banner reading “STOP THE COAL TRAIN” from the parking garage on 10th and Oak in Eugene, Oregon.

This action was done in solidarity with Rocky Mountain Powershift and to bring attention to the coal trains that will soon be coming through Eugene.

In October 2011, the Port of Coos Bay signed a contract with an anonymous company to ship coal out of their harbor. Coal will be coming from the Powder River Basin in Montana through several cities, including Eugene, to be exported out of Coos Bay to Asian markets.

An estimated 15,000 tons of uncovered coal will be on every train. The Sightline Institute estimates that 500 lbs to a ton of coal can escape from a single loaded car. With one or two trains coming through Eugene everyday, Eugenians will be inhaling an unsafe amount of coal dust.

No Coal Eugene is in opposition to the coal trains for three reasons: We support the community of Coos Bay which is already impacted by environmentally destructive industries – including strip mining, deforestation, dredging and pollution.

We are opposed to the use of fossil fuels as a non-renewable energy source because of its effect on the global climate and global health. We are also opposed to large coal companies using public money for their own profits.

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Bob Olson February 19, 2012 9:52 am (Pacific time)

Here we have the perfect example of a big portion of the problems with the U.S. jobless rate. There is not a single thing it seems, that a business can do to create jobs that is not met with protests by environmental nut job protests. Are these moon bats really worried about coal dust from the trains? Does anyone really believe this is a health problem? Of course not. These loud mouth liberals are against anything and everything that industry does. They are happy to use all the energy it takes to keep their dwelling warm and lit. They will drive their car or ride their bike or walk to the protest. Never giving a thought to how the metal and plastic that their cars or bikes are manufactured from was produced. The vast majority of electricity in the U.S. is generated using coal fired power plants. Sure this coal is for export. But that makes not difference to these protesters. If we want to get back on track and create some jobs we majority need to do some protesting of our own. The EPA is out of control. They hand down rules that have the force of law without congressional votes. The Constitution gives the power to make law only to the congress. Either we get control of out government and return to the rule of law. Or we are going to be ruled by the liberal mob. The city of Eugene and Lane county are barely functional. They helped kill the timber industry and the tax revenue that came with it. Now that the welfare payments Eugene and the state of Oregon have been sucking out of the work of other people is running out. We can no longer afford police and sheriff patrols. We have all but shut down the Lane county jail. We law abiding are left to fend for ourselves. If you live outside Eugene city limits calling 911 will not bring police help. We have to put Americans back to work. A big step in that process will be to shout down these dim witted liberals who have been trying for years to turn Oregon into a national park with no business activity at all. Go to college and get a degree and you to can serve coffee at a Dutch Brother drive-through. The Eugene Dream........

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