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A Repeated Call for Rohingya Unity!

The Rohingya people are still persistently being tortured and their situation becomes worse day by day.

Rohingya people
Rohingya people

(NEW YORK) - The need for Rohingya unity and to use its resulting strength for solutions to problems facing one of the world’s most persecuted people –the Rohingya has been, and remains a key point in many discussions around the world Rohingya diaspora and those who are still in Myanmar.

While a few well-know Rohingya leaders such as U Kyaw Min (aka) Master Anwar, EX MP, and Dr. Yunoos, the RSO leader and some others argue that Rohingya unity is not needed and it is not possible to achieve, let's work each on his own way, people will follow after the leader who is right one, as they believe, told me during recent discussion with them face to face, however,the majority of Rohingyas said that Rohingya people need an unshakable unity at this point to solve its 60 year old problems, many Rohingyas are of the view that Rohingyas unity problem requires an active intervention of OIC (Mr. Talal Daous), EBO (Mr. Harn Yawngwe), Mr. Wakar Uddin, the four Senior leaders (Br. Nur Islam, Dr. Yunoos, Br. AFK Jilani and Br. Selim ustad) and the unsatisfied 18 Original ARU signatories, for a mutually acceptable solution to the 44+22 member Bangkok ARU original (silent-mood) and Mr. Wakar Uddin led faction of ARU, based on our common interest to save the Rohingyas and seek a political solution for Rohingyas.

It makes no sense having the Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU), which is the umbrella body representing the entire Rohingya people, to be allowed by the suffering Rohingyas to wait for his (current DG) single handed policies to solve the problems of Rohingyas. which can not bring fruitful result due to divided ARU efforts.

Also, as the world continues to morally support the Rohingyas suffering cause, our (Rohingyas) part of united action under one banner and one voice must not stand aside, merely watching. We must become part and parcel of the global concern for the Rohingyas and their efforts at promoting Rohingyas humanitarian cause with restoration of the citizenship rights, and to help our people.

It is rather unfortunate that, despite the fact that Rohingyas are now scattered all over the world and we have Activists in all continents, the Rohingya has little to show in terms of co-ordinated actions being disunited, lacking a position to exercise needed clout in the international arena by a reliable, trustworthy and functional Rohingya leadership.

Unless we rely on ourselves forging a broad-based unity and Rohingya sole representative leadership, the Rohingya nation will find it very difficult to save its people from Genocide using its dysfunctional leadership and disunited activities all over the world. The time of lip service,media circulation and paper tiger like actors in Rohingya movement in scattered and disorganized way in any names of RSO, ARNO, ERC, BROUK, ARU both factions including RCI, BRAFA, BRANA and others inside Myanmar can not and will not be able to save, protect and prevent the helpless Rohingya people from the forthcoming genocidal onslaught of the foes of Rohingyas, both their fellow countrymen and ill-motivated section of the brutal security forces of Myanmar Govt.

The Rohingya has to rely more on itself by boosting their unity strength, and increasing coordinated joint efforts among the Rohingya diaspora. Without this, we will only be encouraging our arch-enemy to destroy us, and making ourselves more sufferers and helpless victims every day.

Here in our lost opportunity, since the establishment of the Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) in 2011, there have been many policies adopted to make our dream of Rohingya unity an impossible reality by ARU -DG who was voted and elected in 2011 by the majority of 25 participants, dividing further the Rohingya nation in 2013 instead of unity.

The honorable supporters and facilitators such as OIC and EBO must also show full commitment to seek a political solution of Rohingyas paving a way to unite both fractions of ARU at this critical juncture of Rohingya people.

It is very painful that, despite all the pool of talents and dedicated Rohingya Activists, the Rohingya people are still persistently being tortured and their situation becomes worse day by day.

In conclusion, I would like to humbly request all Rohingya organizations, leaders and activists based on our common bond Rohingya national identity and the bona fide authority within our belief system, the Quran, to abandon dispute and division abiding by individual and social ethical standards and BECOME A UNITED PEOPLE for the sake our SURVIVAL and Struggle for JUSTICE and PEACE.

May God Bless Rohingya Nation and Show guidance to its leaders! Ameen!

Mohiuddin Mohamad Yusof
Rohingya Concern International (RCI)
New York, USA



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