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Rohingya: Time to Reflect for Consultative Leadership

Appeal to distinguished gentlemen and ladies regardless faith worldwide

Mohamed Ibrahim & Ibrahim Shah
Mohamed Ibrahim & Ibrahim Shah - Burma Times

(KUALA LAMPUR Burma Times) - The ongoing state-sponsored silent Rohingya massacre is a catastrophe not only for Rohingya but also for the humanity at large. Thus, it is an obligation upon every individual who comes across this article to counsel Rohingya individuals and social and political parties to be unified to approach into consultative leadership to free from corrupted leadership that is the root of destruction of the unification and freedom of Rohingya people who are internationally recognized as one of the most persecuted victims; and to liberate the entire Rohingya society from long persecution. Charity begins at home; accordingly, to counsel each other amongst Rohingya to come forward to be unified is the double-obligation upon every Rohingya individuals.

Let’s cogitate why it is significantly important for the consultative leadership to restore stripped rights of Rohinya

The Rohingya community had tasted happy, tranquility, justice, equality and freedom until the final invasion of Arakan by Myanmarese king Maung Wei in 1784.

Let’s observe why Rohingya had to penetrate into slavery life from master life and are ruthlessly mistreated by their sisterhood community Rakhine and the Myanmarese government and what is behind it—

The genocidal plans of Myanmarese imperialists, Buddhist radicals, Rakhine extremists and Buddhist terrorist monks

In 1784, the intruder Myanmarese King Maung Wei killed almost all elites amongst indigenous Rakhines and Rohingya to reproduce only Myanmarese ethnic gradually and to Myanmarize the whole non-Myanmar territory, Arakan/Rakhine.

To convert into Buddhism to new generations of Rohingya and Rakhine after making mixed-blooded, the historic buildings were vandalized and depopulated the Rohingya transferring some of them to central Burma, Mandalay and alternatively, Myanmarese used to get married with Rakhine higher profile prettiest ladies to depopulate them.

In 1942, a Rohingya massacre was carried out by Rakhine extremists so called Thakin leaders and the southern Arakan was absolutely cleansed of Rohingya and hardly few remained in northern part only. It resulted more than 100,000 were massacred, 380 Rohingya populous villages disappeared and 80,000 fled Arakan to Chittagong.

The exclusion of Rohingya from the rights and protections of Burmese citizenship began at the Panglong Conference in 1947 where a delegation representing the Rohingya community was unfortunately absent.

This technicality was not implemented to systematically persecute Rohingya until decades later. Since 1948-1982 Rohingya held Burmese Rohingya National Registration Cards and the Rohingya exercised voting and representing rights in the Pyithu Hluttaw (National Assembly) Election and in the election of different levels of Pyithu (National) Council. Likewise, many Rohingya dignitaries were endorsed in the Burma Socialist Programme Party (BSPP) and some of them held higher positions as well. U Abul Hussein and Dr. Abdur Rahim were elected in 1974 from Buthidaung and Maungdaw.

Due to disappointment to see the hardly few remained Rohingya in northern part of Arakan, the dictator Ne Win conspired to eradicate Rohingya by gradual procedures— to eliminate from national census to strip of Rohingya fundamental rights and retracted the issued national registration cards ordering that new form of registration cards will be issued soon, imposed territorial acts in Arakan including all ethnic minorities areas, carried out many terrible military operations including the most terrible operation King dragon operation(1977-78),and enacted discriminatory law 1982 Burma citizenship law and eliminated the Rohingya including other 7 out of 143 recognized ethnicities. Eventually, in 1989, the new National Scrutiny cards were introduced but Rohingya were not entitled to receive that identity card.

Since 1989, the Rohingya have been facing forced labour, arson attack, arbitrarily arrest, torture in detention centers unto death, displacement, disappearance, obliged to flee own homes into uncertain destinations, politicide, gangbang, demographic changes (new miscreants of Buddhist faith settlement in Rohingya quarters and erecting government offices in Rohingya owned land displacing them by force), imposing excessive taxes in Rohingya owned forests, confiscation lands; confinements in marriage, education, movement, religion, livelihood, etc.

Through various scrutinous researches, it is observed that the most major barrier to restore the stripped rights of Rohingya is nothing except righteous leadership. To ponder why the righteous leadership is significantly important for Rohingya, let’s recall the past leadership roles that how the leaders played key roles to establish easily a free and civilized society from uncivilized one.

Within a short period, the world most appreciated and high notably dignified person Prophet Muahmmed( peace be upon him) had succeeded all his major plans through consultative leadership. According to the comments of international experts of respective fields, he is the only successful and ideal leader who succeeded in both religious and secular levels.

Today, USA, UK,EU, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the sub-continent India and the rest world most developed countries achieved unprecedented successes and going ahead with a vast momentum of technology only by consultative leadership. Almost all the dictators or tyrannies are disgraced and have to undergo criminal charges against them that they deserved for their barbarities.

Some significantly important attributes of a leader

Knowledge, 2. Power, 3. Sound Judgement, 4. Patience, 5. Justice, 6. Communication skills, 7. Piety, 8. Simplicity, 9.Truth.

Again, let’s observe that currently why a righteous leader is significantly important to lead the distressed Rohingya community by consultative leadership style to bring them into an independent society where they could exercise equality, justice, tranquility and freedom as of 8th century AD.

Let’s compare these two countries which have not much natural resources, however, the developed status of these counties are incomparable due to one reason—corruption. Malaysia put restrictions in corruption but Bangladesh ignores it. Malaysia has been developed in such a vast momentum that it grasped the technology market and Bangladesh uses parts of made in Malaysia.

“The most terrible incurable disease for humanity at large is moral corruption.”

Here, some consultative leadership quotes are described to emulate eminent leaders who had achieved in both religious and secular levels— “We must reprogram ourselves to understand that cooperation is a higher principle than competition.” “The Foundation of Freedom is Unity” ”A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

Consultative leadership is a kind of leadership style that many societies achieved victory successfully. In this consultative leadership style, the leader first consults with his/her senior and experienced members to serve any activities and make final decisions with majority support of experienced ones.

The two key reasons of long suffering of Rohingya why it remains unresolved yet and turned into getting worse considerably is due to lack of righteous leader by consultative leadership and rather eagerness in mastership than followership amongst Rohingya people.

Immediately, the plight of Rohingya will be ended when Rohingya politicians and activists play key roles corporately by consultative leadership style.

Certainly, it is inevitable that every Rohingya individuals ought to bear in the mind rather eagerness in followership than mastership by consultative leadership style to be liberated from state-sponsored persecution of Burmese genocidal rulers.

Apparently, this inspired article on consultative leadership to lead the distressed Rohingya society righteously is a moral for every Rohingya leader and activist which is written exclusively to bring awareness amongst Rohingya to free from corrupted leadership and activities and to give up egoism for the sake of Rohingya and/or humanity.

The writers can be reached at info@burmatimes.net




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