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Ten Reasons to Consider this Holiday Season

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and good thoughts.

Only Kindness Matters
This is really what it comes down to. We do everything to help others; after eight years we are still here but in need of your support, kindness does matter, thank you. Courtesy:

(SALEM) - This year as you make your holiday list and wonder who to spread cheer and share that spirit with, please consider and know that every dollar received helps us sustain and carry on this operation.

What is special about our group? Perhaps if we just name one thing, it is that we provide the news that the mainstream media and press ignores.

We have as Paul Harvey used to say, "the rest of the story". We believe America still has a chance in this imperfect world of rediscovering its greatness.

As our readers know, we pay particular attention to Palestine, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, The Congo, Mexico, Burma and Balochistan. We also keep an eye in India and Vietnam and Pakistan. These are regions where people are in harm's way and in some cases, being slaughtered mercilessly. Too many precious people are suffering in undue and unacceptable ways.

When you help us, you help the people we write about. Here are some examples of what people have to say.

These are all comments specifically mailed to our newsroom.

Hi Tim,

Thank GOD for having you to report to the blindfolded earth and Governments about the cruel murders by the worst disciplined army and the genocide government of Sri Lanka.-

I beg the one and only GOD for this world to take over my leftover life and give it to you to serve the victims of this poor world.

Kuna Canada


I have just finished reading your 7/9 article on Eric Holder and I am blown away. I applaud your courage and tenacity to stick with this story as I have believed from the get-go that this went directly to the White House.

I am going to pray for your safe-keeping as I know there are people who will want to kill you for what you have reported. I pray they do not succeed and that you will continue to be able to share the truth with the rest of the world. You are true American Patriot and I thank you for your service, in the military and today.

God Speed!


Winter Park, FL



Thanks so much for your article about the ridiculous situation that is going on concerning Arizona’s MMJ laws. You’re awesome!

Sincerely, Patricia Riggin


Hi Tim, I truly appreciate what you are doing to our community. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a wonderful person who fights for justice not only for the Tamils but for those who are in a similar situation.. Warm regards



Hello Tim,

Writing this to you in response to your latest article Balochistan & Bangladesh - Enduring Pakistan's Selective Genocide, We Baloch have no idea on how to thank you for this! You have done an amazing job by highlighting the atrocities committed by Pakistani state in Balochistan.

Baloch are suffering from worst human rights violations in history of mankind. As we speak, I have a link opened here reading about 8 Bugti villagers being abducted in Dera Bugti operation just yesterday including 3 children aged as under as 8 also including 1 little girl.

You have done a tremendous job and we Baloch thank you for that! Please keep writing on international forums and highlighting the Baloch issue. Baloch no more want to live with tyrant Pakistan and want to regain their independence.

Baloch struggle will continue till independence.

Yours Truly, Anonymous pro-freedom Baloch


Dear Bonnie,

"I talked to the Board of Trustees, and they recommended that you be our Goodwill Ambassador for America."

Stop FGM Now Campaign Project-Kenya group


You're a true hero Tim...a man of true principles who apparently does a lot more than just talk. Watch your back.



Hi there,

I stumbled across your news website as a result of an article I was reading by Jerusalem resident Jalal Abukhater. I just wanted to thank Salem News for publishing important articles on the Israel-Palestine conflict such as these.

Re: thank you for your work


Just a quick thanks for reporting on the alarming problem regarding the Narco terror group Los Zeatas, who are carrying out a narco war in Mexico and the Northern Triangle. I am indigenous leader who is aware of issues regarding this group, extorting, killing and threatening villiagers in eastern El Salvador, where the Zeta branches are trying to establish their control over the waters of the Fonseca gulf, the triple border on the pacific, the ideal point to link Colombia. I hope the game of our governments of calling this a petty crime ends and they call it for what it is, a war.

Thanks for your ongoing contribution in bringing the topic to the public.



Wow Tim!

That was fast! Thank you so much. You just broke a story for us that will go throughout the year.

I will remember this in the future my friend!

Mike Z. must go on, our work is extremely important and we have 105 incredible writers on our team who contribute news from 25 different countries. We greatly appreciate your efforts and kindness.

So, if you can help then please send what you can via the PayPal icon below, which is also located at the top right side of You can always write to me with questions at For Bonnie the address is

Support via PayPal:

If you want to send money or a check then please just write to: P.O. Box 5238 Salem, Oregon 97304

One of my biggest goals is to capture more interviews in Afghanistan about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for a documentary that is underway. Your help can help us save lives.

For our detractors who love to classify our fundraising as 'begging', know your comments will not be approved. Call it what you want, we are trying to do good things that are important and we are incredibly under-supported. Perhaps it will take our disappearance from the Web someday to really prove this or maybe people will share with us to keep us moving.



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Bill Annett December 11, 2012 4:50 am (Pacific time)

Important to note that you style yourself Anonymous. Your trickle-down reasoning has sure applied since Bush invoked it, hasn't it? You weren't paying attention on November 6. Sixty million Americans have had it with your self-serving argument.

Anonymous December 10, 2012 6:38 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King: Check the numbers! You could not just tax, but confiscate all the wealth (cash,bonds, property, etc.) from all those making over $250,000 and run the government for maybe a few months. Just look at the size of our spending! No amount of projected tax revenue will change the growing debt nor deficit with the current federal budget. Then look what Wisconsin did...they got into a surplus, not by taxing, but cutting expenses. Thousands kept their jobs I might add, when in places like California and New York, they are being layed off by the tens of thousands. This is nothing but a gimmick and a dividing tactic by the dems..."Tax the Rich." It should be called "Tax the successful," or "Tax the Achievers and redistribute to the non-achievers." Again, just look at the numbers. Recall a few years ago when Obama said you do not increase taxes on anyone when you have a down economy? From my perspective, I will just cut back on various services, and that will cost jobs on a small level. But multiply that around the country on small to medium-sized businesses that create and fund approx. 2/3's of the jobs, and wham, bad situation. I assure you Obama and the dems know this, so why are they pushing for it? Think! I am being 100% truthful and the CBO numbers backs me up. Wait until the Obamacare taxes hit next month. Expect to see riots and martial law in the not too distant future. Along with a failed firearm confiscation program started by the ol'standards: Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, etc. ...all Zionists. Just look at their senate votes with the Israeli war criminals. We take the billions we give them, and route those funds to our veterans.

Anonymous December 10, 2012 3:43 pm (Pacific time)

As a 2% percenter, a position that I worked hard for, if my taxes are not increased next year I'll make a donation. Please note that if all those tax increases go into effect for those making over $250,000, that will not make a dent in neither the deficit nor the growing 16 trillion national debt, but it will provide enough revenue to run the government for about 8 days. So how many jobs will be lost? How much private revenue will be out there for advertising and/or donations. Yeah, Obama and his crew are hustling...take the time and check the books people.

Tim King: You think taxing the more wealthy citizens the way they used to be will not help?  How much do you get paid mr. antagonist to write this nonsensical stuff?  

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