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Juki Girls, Sinhala State Terrorists and War Criminals

GSP or other concessions are not coming back as long as State Terrorist and War Criminals run the country.

Sri Lankan soldiers
Photo of Sri Lankan soldiers:

(SAN PEDRO, CA) - With regard to Unemployed Sri Lankan Factory Worker Writes to EU Ambassador on GSP Plus:

It is the responsibility of the servile Sinhala media, UNP opposition and other opposition to explain to the "Juki Girls" making Jungies to the Sudhies, (Knickers to the Whites) as said by President Chandrika and not me, and the Bolawathiies in the Middle East and Colombo why they are suffering at very low wages, and ill treatment.

The JUKI GIRL and housemaid/servant in Colombo is damn lucky that her house was not bombed by the Rajapakses, land acquired by Gota, Basil or UDA without compensation, her mother and sister raped and even murdered, her brothers tortued, jailed or missing, and father white vanned. None of her family or friends have been beaten and suffering from broken bones like most of the Tamil families and 80,000 widows in the North.

If she is that desperate to become a JUKI girl, may be she can move to Killinochchi, Batticaloa, Vavuniya, Trincomalee, or Amparai where one factory in every town are being started using US AID or EU AID by Sri Lanka's billionaires, creating new sweat shops at even lower wages without trade unions compared to Colombo. The GOSL are also giving huge Tax benefits and BOI other concessions including free land or cheap land 10% of the cost in Katunayake, Biyagama and Seeduwa.

Soon, all the garment factories in those areas will be closed down, land sold the Chinese for a song, and moved to Hambantota and Mattala or Killinochchi and Mullaitheevu by the GOSL and the billionaires. Then the village girls need not come to Colombo and live in rooms, pay for their food and transport/rent, and do all the "bad things" (Juki Girl said it and not me) (or Tricks), and garments exports being the biggest foreign earner for the country.

Of course the Juki Girl or the Sinha racist journalist or editor who wrote that article does not understand the simple economics of the affects of the GSP or the garment industry. There is a cost involved in making the under garments in the factory, and all raw materials are imported. Material, thread, buttons, elastic etc, so are the machinery, sales and marketing, foreign commissions and profits. Then there is shipping freight, insurance and ground transport/storage at both ends. There is also finance costs, land and buildings as initial investment both for the foreign investor or local businessman.

Most of the increase on the GSP duties were passed on to the European customer or American buyer.

So there are no major affects on the loss of the GSP and garments exports have increased in the last 3 years, despite the bad world economy, increased oil prices and energy costs. The profits to the local billionaires and their foreign partners (including their own foreign offices) have increased.

Even the opposition UNP was for years "crying wolf" like the Juki Girls and some are giving confused and mixed messages even now. UNP also were on the same side as the Rajapakses on that GSP issue, UN issue, and even the UNHRC resolution originated by the State Dept in DC... which is really a time buying exercise and a cruel joke on the Tamils. I have said that from day one in private and later in public.

But the war criminals in their arrogance and jingoistic mood are not willing to be realistic since the power has absolutely corrupted them. That is good for the War Criminal hunters like the Tamils For Justice, and also others who are only paying 'lip service' but soon some will have to move for legal action. That time is getting close.

Some Tamil groups and ACT NOW in the UK are campaigning for boycott and real sanctions against Sri Lankan exports of garments, so the chances of renewal of concessions are nil to Sri Lanka so that more Juki Girls can be employed for "life", and exploited by Sri Lanka's billionaires, including from the UNP, (Since UNP was in power and created the FTZ from 1977-1994, and 2001-2004). Sri Lanka needs to attend to the War Crimes allegations, accountability, Truth and Justice before there are any other concessions or big investments.

The reason for the economics of the garment trade and exports which now is over 4 Billion dollars gross, is for the Juki Girl (ghost writers) to understand that the Rajapkses are utilizing $2.2 Billion dollars for the military budget. The net profit of the 4 Billion dollars is about 20%, which is about $800 million dollars some of it to the foreigners themselves who are share holders.

So Sri lanka should bring down the MOD budget to 2004 levels of $600 million and save $1.6 Billion dollars to spend on all the Juki girls and their families. May be the Juki Girls should have joined the army 7 years ago when the Rajapakses were installed in power by the LTTE and also thanks to the blunders of the UNP, she could have benefited from the gold they stole from the 100,000 dead and 300,000 refugees, the bribery and corruption, and still entitled for pensions and may be even a free house and land.

Now the former Juki Girl is a house servant in Colombo, with her unemployed husband at home with her child, like the 1.5 million housemaids of Sinhala and Muslim origin most of whom are ill treated and abused. One wise leader from Sri Lanka by the name of Prabhakaran did not want Tamil girls going to the middle east as house maids, but most of them ended in other countries as part of the current 1 million diaspora, and many thousands are still trying to leave the country even bribing the navy.

Unfortunately with some foreign aid the billionaires of Sri Lanka are now creating the new Juki Girls in the North East, and with the work ethics or the Tamils and lower cost of operations and labor there is no doubt more factories set up there.

The future is indeed bleak for the Juki Girls in the South... And GSP or other concessions are not coming back as long as State Terrorist and War Criminals run the country.

Donald Gnanakone
Tamils For Justice.




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