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Stabbing in Sweet Home Leads to Three Injuries

The suspect received a head injury when he was disarmed.

stabbing investigation

(SWEET HOME) - Reports of an uninvited guest with a gun sent Linn County Sheriff’s deputies scrambling to 44020 Wiley Creek Drive near Sweet Home early Thursday morning at 3:53 AM. The caller informed dispatch that 26-year old Michael Shain Thompson of Foster, had come to the residence uninvited armed with a gun and was threatening people.

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller says that prior to the deputies’ arrival, residents disarmed Thompson. Problems continued though, when Thompson allegedly obtained a knife. Before the scuffle was over, two residents were injured in the altercation.

The knife was taken from Thompson, and an ambulance was called to take care of Thompson and the two residents who were injured and required medical assistance.

Thompson reportedly suffered from head trauma and was transported by Life flight to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon where he is currently in critical but stable condition.

27-year old Manuel J. Victor Jr. was transported by medics to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis with a stab wound to the abdomen. Manuel J. Victor Sr. was treated at the scene and did not require additional medical attention.

Linn County Sheriff’s detectives say they are continuing the investigation.


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Kira Long December 22, 2012 2:51 pm (Pacific time)

So here's to all of you... Were you actually there? No I think not. I was there, through the entire thing, I haven't seen this until now. However it doesn't change that I was living there because I am LeAnn's daughter. I would like to set the story straight Mike was my mother's boyfriend from high school and then he got into drugs so my mom left him. Years later he got really bad into drugs and started stalking my mom and asking what days I was with her because I was living at both her house and my dads. Many Jr. is my step dad but he was sleeping on the couch that night because my mom had work early that morning. After she left mike showed up at our house my sister Ashley was gone at Kelly's house for the week or something but I was living in the house under Manual Sr's when i heard a truck pull up since my window was by the drive way then some one yelling upstairs I was younger and knew about the mike being dangerous because my mom had told me not to talk to a guy driving a truck because of him asking about me being there and stuff, when I heard the yelling I ran locked the door and went to my room and waited until I saw lights from cop cars and heard my grandma knocking and yelling on the door to take me to her house. Long story short he had no right to be at our house at anytime but really not when everyone there was sleeping. I have grown up with this family and have heard it all from the silly gossip to the cheap talk and all I have to say to all of you is you don't know what the heck you are talking about and all you too scared to put your names? one though comes to mind drama trash talkers. It must be because you do not know what you are talking about, CLEARLY. They are just as much my family than any of my blood family and some of the most chill and collected people I know and have no more "drama" or "trouble" than any one elses family they are straight up about stuff, the main reason I even found this is because someone (no idea who) sent a link of this to my 12 year old sister someone with NO IDEA what they are talking about so yeah here is the story.

Kelly September 20, 2011 1:38 am (Pacific time)

To "someone with insight" THANK YOU! Where is the story of what he did to me?!? I know the truth, he knows the truth, and someday my daughter he took from me will know the truth as well. How do you know so much about it?

Jessica Maxwell March 12, 2010 1:15 pm (Pacific time)

Hi there, My name is Jessica(maiden name McAdams) and I used to live with the Victors and am trying to get a hold of them. If you are a Victor please look me up on facebook

jm September 29, 2009 7:44 pm (Pacific time)

what i know of the victors is that they are nice people and honestly i dont think that they could do such harm on anyone. i also know that they have helped alot of people out when they needed it. Thank you to the Victor family for being there when i needed you!

The EX July 7, 2009 12:26 pm (Pacific time)

This is all very intresting... I am the EX that LeAnn is bashing and she does not know the truth, as I do. DOSE ANYONE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE STORY OF WHEN MY EX HUSBAND, MANUEL J VICTOR, PAID SOMEONE TO BREAK INTO MY HOUSE AND PLANT OVER 600.00 WORTH OF METH IN MY HOUSE???? Cause NO ONE knows it better than ME!! I would love to tell anyone who wants to hear the entire story just how it happened. And it's true, I know for a fact. The guy he paid off to break in admitted it, Manny himself admitted it, his father admitted it by remarking "his only mistake was telling one to many people about his plans" That one person was his girlfriend at the time, who came to me at my work on MOTHER'S day, crying and scared to death of him.” Kelly, he going to do something to take your children away, and he's already done it" TO LEANN Victor, I do not have a meth problem, and I can't believe you would post that on line, no I take it back, and you are a Victor now, so nothing you would do would surprise me. Yes it's true I have been away from my daughter for 2 years, but only because Manny did whey he could to make my life as miserable as he could. And where is your sweet husband now...? Prison?? Hit and run? Karma Anyone please, contact me, I will tell you exactly what happened, I know first hand. Theses people are right, they have gotten away with so much and the police never do anything. A Sweet Home Police man told me himself..."If we had solid proof we would put him away now, there is no doubt in my mind he did this, but we don't have solid proof" And to "Someone with Insight" THANK YOU! There are few people in that town who will stand up for what is right!

Burt May 30, 2009 5:30 pm (Pacific time)

Hang in there Victor's. Remember Grandpa Manny SR MC Barhoppers

sticking up for her friend, Jessie March 3, 2009 1:23 pm (Pacific time)

omg this is rediculous, ive read all this crap people are saying do you guys really have nothing better to do than bash on others? come one now, grow up!! people make mistakes some make bigger mistakes but they also learn from them and become better people. i mean who are you to really judge? ive heard stories ive heard rumors but thats why their called rumors most of the time they are NOT TRUE!!! so get over it shit happens and wish nothing but the best for others even though your not too fond of them. its good gugu. oh and for those bashing leanne she is an incredible person. so dont hate because she's a way better person than you wouldnt ever amount to be. get over the high school bullshit, you guys aint 18 anymore, be more realistic about this and talk like grown ups. if you cant say nothing nice DONT SAY IT AT ALL!!!

Mongoloid October 3, 2008 3:46 am (Pacific time)

Ask the Hells Angels of California about all this. Lava Sus Manos. Lava Sus Dinero. Get the connection?

To the last idiot who answered October 2, 2008 8:31 pm (Pacific time)

I found it quite funny that you are so brave, as I could see by how eager you were to condemn me for not giving my name, but sure didn't see your name tagged anywhere! And to have picked this day to answer, on a day when so many brave, heroic, and innocent people died and gave their lives. You actually didn't answer a thing. You just rambled on and on just like the Victor's do, making no sense at all. I actually would have answered sooner, but have been busy with actual constructive issues in the world today. In regards to what few "Stupid" remarks you made, lets see, I can't say if Mike did or did not trespass "3" times before, but as far as the calls to the cops regarding trespassing, there may have been a call, hell maybe 2-3 but that would have only been to make it look good. And the cops did do their job as least the county cops, just like they have always done in event with the Victor family, they did "NOTHING"!  In regards to your LeAnn, how do you know I, we, others don't know her. Actually, she has quite a rep in Sweet Home, it seems that when she decided to take the low road, and chose drugs over family, that she lost creditability with most of the folks who know her. Nobody really cares if she is or is not a hard worker. Very irrelevant point. The truth of the fact is, that you did not answer one question in the previous remarks made by me. You went on some rant raving rampage trying to make things look as tho people were, are out to get LeAnn. People truly don't give a damn about her. The people of Sweet Home are very aware of the the fact that the Mrs. did her job and did it well, she did exactly what she was suppose to do, and then the Vic's did exactly what they planned to do. Once again the Vic's got away, well with almost murder this time. Let's try to stay on topic from now on, shall we?

From Someone on the hill September 11, 2008 7:26 pm (Pacific time)

This is from someone that knows for a fact that this was no set-up. Mike was obsessed with his ex-girl friend. There were people that had to sit with him on rotating shifts to keep him from going to her house. This particular night the person did not show up. If the county sheriffs would have been doing their job Mike should have been arrested before this incident. "Jr's wife" called the Sheriff and told them that Mike had tresspassed 3 times. That means UNINVITED to the ignorant person, "Afraid to leave a name for a reason". Mike also shot at his neighbors. Sheriff reports states at one point that one of the Sheriff's were fearful of his life. Mike's Mom even said herself the Tuesday before this happened that Mike had mentioned suicide and she sometimes thought this would be the best thing for him. Obviously you do not know LeAnn she never could be bored with her life. She works more than anyone person that I know and is always busy with her kids. It's obvious, "Afraid to leave a name with reason" you don't know what your talking about.

Afraid to leave a name with reason September 5, 2008 8:53 pm (Pacific time)

This a a crock! There is a reason that the Victor family is always in the news, newspaper, word on the street. The fact that they have a Thanksgiving Dinner every year and donate the money, well hell they have to laundry their money somewhere so why not to an organization that needs it, puts it to good use and why would anyone ask about it? I agree with the person who said there is so much more to the story. If the county police would have done their jobs right and not walked all over the crime then there would have been more proof. Actually all of the proof is there but the county police are either lazy, in the Victor's back pocket or flat afraid of them because they sure as hell don't do their job when it comes to that family. Those who live in Sweet Home know that family and they have been in some kind of trouble since the day they moved to this town. Actually it started not long after they did move here. 

As for the ex-wife well she may have been into drugs, but lets think, "WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK SHE GOT THEM"? The Jr.'s wife is an idiot if she thinks her husband is an innocent. But then again, she helped set up Mike and this town knows it. You were right too, the person who said there was blood in Mike's truck. It took 3 BIG-good sized men to take Mike down and then once they got the gun from him that they say he was threatening them with, what there wasn't one big enough to sit on him or even all three to sit on him while the wife called the police. No, they decided they had to beat the living crap out of him. And he brought in a gun, so how did the JR. get stabbed? Probably with his own knife he was using trying to kill Mike. Mike was a good guy, and that is why he was set up by the Victors and the wifee of JR. The Victor's themselves have bragged all over this town about what they did to Mike. How they set it up so he would look the bad guy. Everyone had heard it but yet nothing has been done by the police, instead she is so bored with her life she is going to sue a mentally handicapped man to get her and the Victor's rocks off.

What some people won't do. This town knows the truth, and yes some are afraid, but that would be because of the great and almighty County Cops that don't and never have done their job!

LeAnn C Victor May 14, 2008 7:37 pm (Pacific time)

This is to the first writer who is too much of a coward to leave his name. Here are the facts. I knew Mike almost 20 years ago we broke up because of his drug addiction. The years go by and he started stalking me. Why? I would like to know that as well. Before the incident I received unwanted phone calls and visits to our home. Mike asked when I worked and when my oldest daughter was home with me. There is more to report in regards to his unwanted calls and visits, but the bottom line he was a threat to me and my family. He terrified me. As far as the Victor Family, you don't know them at all. All Families have their problems, I am sure yours is no exception. The Victor's have a donation dinner every Thanksgiving and donates the money to St Judes and we help our Church with projects, we help people who want to help themselves, and we are very family oriented. As far as my Husband Manny Jr. planting meth at his ex-wifes house, he wouldn't have to. She has a drug addiction, she has made no attempt to be in her little girls life for 2 years now. As far as the Mike Thompson story...I have heard from many people that he is going to finish the job. I truly believe he was going to come into my home and kill my family while I was at work. Mike still has not stood trial and is not in jail. My 2 daughters, my husband, and I live with fear everyday.

Someone with some insight January 20, 2007 9:52 pm (Pacific time)

Anyone who know of Sweet Home, and the Victor Family, should read this very carefully. What were the details of this case? Something is not right about this. Some of us know that there isn't one thing that this family does right or by the books. For some strange reason, nobody wants to stand up to these guys. I was under the impression that there was blood in Mike's Truck, so the Victor's "story" wouldn't lay out. And only because it was 3 to 1, do we just beleive the Victor's story. It may sound extreme, but who's to say that this guy Mike was just at their house, one thing leads to another, an arguement maybe, and now we got the Victor's aginst this one guy. Do you know he was eating out of a tube? Almost every bone in his face was shattered, including his eye sockets!? And Yes, if he was just an intruder in the night, he may have deserved whatever he got. But, IS that the real story? The intruder was M. Victor JR's wife's Ex boyfriend from High School!?!? After 15 years? There's just more to this than is reported. Where is the story of when M.Victor JR planted $600.00 of meth in his Ex wife's house to gain custody of their child? I'm telling you, They are all crooks

Anonymous August 9, 2006 8:38 am (Pacific time)

So tak him to jail and shoot him in the head! it was probably ove meth anyway and we all know how people around here think of meth heads...

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