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Op Ed: 'Denialism' Raping Constitutional 'Idealism' in D.C.

Obstructionism Enforcing Outrageous Revanchism.

(EUGENE, Ore.) - YOU are witnessing historic conflict in D.C. clearly - -but surely NOT cleanly!-- reflecting once-again head on confrontation forced by further consideration of the complexities inherent in the real democratic process.

One political party, once a leader in the ongoing search for governance security, probity and progression for all, has abandoned that 200-hundred year stance for status/search driven by actions which can only be considered as complete and devastatingly-damaging attack on the very democracy it once sought to support, extend and defend so intensely.


A Revanchist is described as, “A politician seeking revenge for defeat of a policy proposed but publicly defeated in depth and detail.” (Slightly adapted from Random House “Big-Book” Dictionary, p. 1226)

Surely the unavoidable, inevitable, extremely revealing and distressingly damaging display of recent weeks in D.C. makes further illumination unnecessary. The other party --led by a president very clearly and cleanly elected for the Negro-first/time !!-- has seen fit to set out firmly, first and foremost. to meet his presidential cooperative task and obligation to pursue relentlessly both consensus and cooperation from the first party.

Presidential skin-color cannot possibly have any connection with that Constitutional obligation --but it surely and unmistakably does have unavoidable and very strongly distressing connection to the party-of-the second- part contrivance to continue every possible path and procedure to hamper, restrict, and if possible wreck and remove this first black President.

That obvious fact --self/proclaimed early-on !!-- in itself and all-alone is more than enough to embattle all of us, acting rationally and reasonably in full-armor defense of our tattered, torn and painfully-endangered democracy. It is NOT ONLY the current President under fire and exceptionally vulnerable to unwise, unfair attack here. That Constitutional obligation, clearly so understood by so many in the party-of-the-first-part, while never acknowledged (if understood) by those in the party-of the- second-part, surely does exist.

In the complexities of current devastating economic and social circumstance worldwide, it surely must be taken into full and complete compliance. Many of us will reasonably, rationally now strongly contend that President Obama has clearly and cleanly exceeded his obvious Constitutional responsibilities to seek --and, in this current circumstance,also exceed-- anything the second party could ever have expected.

Yet that second party is now playing to the hilt the “obstructionist” role, for whatever reasons, both political and social. (Surely NOBODY needs definition of this term, in its political context, after the last-few D.C.-years !) One must never overlook the social-forces set up by our continuing evasion and many forlorn failures clearly committed by both parties towards those involved by unavoidable, inevitable fractional/inclusion in our vaunted new pattern for democracy --actually and very significantly shaping the size and the system of governance for which our Founders have won worldwide praise ever since.

That fractional-inclusion, applied to those of Negro ancestry as only-partial in the citizen-count shaping our representative governance, was just the first of an infinite number of racial-related incidents, some still continued. Is racial feeling and its malign resentments now STILL overwhelmingly shaping and sizing that same system of governance, now well-tested-and-proven as the world’s best in many ways?

It would be completely unfair not to point out that some few benighted members of the first party have also played strongly disturbing roles in similar and also destructive actions to hamper, delay, deny and defeat what this President has set out to do for the entire nation. They reflect the same totally destructive, futile and finally both deceitful and democracy-damaging steps and stance when they do so.

They also reflect precisely the same racial-fear attitudes and behavior patterns potently made the mode by deep-South planters and their plantation morality and mental processes --in the 19th Century. Polite political conversation, as well as social mores and most publication channels, continue to avoid this inevitably-obvious “elephant in the room” whenever possible, in any and all comments on this major malign confrontation now underway in D.C.

Here we recognize it openly, call it what it really is --obviously racially-related retaliatory-fear-- and report its realistic consequences to you all, for your own personal/political consideration, and your informed guidance for any and all the possible actions and remedial steps open to you.

That must necessarily be shaped and muscled by your own personal reactions to revealing and revolting, truly democracy-damaging design, development and destruction caused by such party-of-the-second part action and continuing policies.

The simple truth is that the time has come --at the beginning decade of our 21st Century !-- to move on and up and strongly forward in full compliance with that Constitutional declaration and demand with which our Founding Fathers endowed the most sacred of all our national-legacy documents. Even the most recent sudden-appearance and now continuing strong development of the so-called “Tea Party” classical political movement should be entirely UN-surprising in a context of revanchist-action by the once-ubiquitous GOP-group.

That group was originally an essential intensely valued component of our historic two-party pattern, with its long well-recognized record of accomplishment and national contribution --and can become-so again.

A rapid overview of three highly essential “learning areas” for change inevitable in our already-arriving 21st Century produces some intriguing images, when anyone simply “connects the dots” --to discover overwhelming relevance to this exploration of current realities.

We rely on them now sometimes with much more confidence than we should wisely permit, and are thus misled --sometimes with massive damaging consequences. That is precisely WHY intense, extensive and deeply concerned examination must take place when we find one of our two essential political arms-for-action in the sad state of deterioration now so easily detectable for the-party-of-the-second-part, here. Yet that greatest accomplishment of modern society --the “scientific method”-- supplies us with precisely the tool we must use to make sure they, and all other similar solutions for the progressive ills of society, do bring to all the world what the 21st Century surely now demands.

That has been true ever since the Reformation and the Enlightenment, and surely continues into this new Century, too.

It is that unique way of working, with its absolute insistence on demonstrated truth and readily repeatable outcomes, that has shaped --and must continue to shape-- our modern world, in every way, for all positive purposes and via avoidance of malign and dangerous oher approaches denying the pragmatic realities we know.

Of all such scientific findings since science itself appeared on our political/screen --with its invaluable and irreversible solid findings-of-fact --that of the inherent and absolute physical and mental patterns and the same basic productivity-levels as well as body-shape, organ and brain function, and all other components, differing only in skin-color--have been very well-known and worldwide-acknowledged; literally, for centuries.

“We all breathe, eat, bleed, defecate, urinate and even reproduce in precisely parallel and nearly-perfect performance of the same functions,” as one famed and widely-quoted professor of public health once stated.

To find one of our only-two political parties -- a long-recognized essential component of Constitutional governance --so defiled, desecrated and disgraced by such truly “unacceptable” actions is not simply depressing but constitutes the sharpest-possible full warning super/signal we could ever receive.


Conceptually, Denialism is far from a new social/science concept or pattern; it is well-known and widely recognized within the psychological sciences; and it has been the deeply intriguing content of numerous books on its dramatic and often drastic impacts on both public opinion and complex resulting public policies --including ther cognitive sciences contributing so much to our knowledge of precisely how-and-why “politics” so intrigues us all.

The most recent major study of this psychological phenomenon is titled: DENIALISM: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms Our Planet, and Threatens Our Lives. (See Reader’s Note for identifying detail.) A second high impact volume --only 118 pp. but highly significant since it ties precisely the same current depth discoveries tightly into concurrent political theory and party operations-- is: THE DEATH OF CONSERVATISM --which is NOT about conservatism’s death AGAIN (!) but much more about what it IS and IS NOT, NOW --and WHY it got that way. We will explore both brand-new volumes in the second-part of this Op Ed/Report, forthcoming ASAP and providing that “the wheels don’t fall off !”

As they surely have done so already, for our long vaunted democratic American politics as we have known that process ever since 1776... To sum up what’s happening now, and prepare you for our views on WHY, there’s one from noted American daily-paper columnist E.E. Dionne: "Extremism in defense of liberty may be no vice, but extremism in pursuit of the American presidency is as dysfunctional as it is degrading."


Reader’s Note: DENIALISM: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives; Michael Specter; Penguin Press; 2009; ISBN: 978-1-59420-230-8. THE DEATH OF CONSERVATISM; Sam Taanenhaus; Random House, 2009; ISBN: 978-1-4000-6884-5.


At 21, Henry Clay Ruark was Aroostook Editor for the Bangor, Maine DAILY NEWS, covering the upper 1/4 of the state. In the ‘40s, he was Staff Correspondent, then New England Wires Editor at United Press-Boston; later Editor for the Burlington, Vermont 3-daily group owned by Wm. Loeb, later notorious at Manchester, New Hampshire UNION LEADER for attacks on Democratic Presidential candidates.

Hank returned to Oregon to complete M. Ed. degree at OSU, went on to Indiana University for Ed.D. (abd) and special other course-work; was selected as first Information Director for NAVA in Washington, D.C.; helped write sections of NDEA, first Act to supply math, science, foreign language consultants to state depts. of education; joined Oregon Dept. of Education, where he served as NDEA administrator/Learning Media Consultant for ten years.

He joined Dr. Amo DeBernardis at PCC, helping establish, extend programs, facilities, Oregon/national public relations; moved to Chicago as Editor/Publisher of oldest educational-AV journal, reformed as AV GUIDE Magazine; then established and operated Learning Media Associates as general communications consultant group. Due to wife’s illness, he returned to Oregon in 1981, semi-retired, and has continued writing intermittently ever since, joining S-N in 2004. His Op Eds now total over 560 written since then.

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Hank Ruark April 13, 2010 6:45 pm (Pacific time)

John:  You wrote:"...engage in Alinsky tactics", clearly intending that to be denigration of famed social worker in Chicago, as if he had indulged in what you claim here re violence.   Alinski reputation will be sure to survive, I'm sure, but must report close contacts with kids in neighborhoods he helped to develop, maintaining more decent circumstance for them.   You have any experience otherwise with Alinski and his consequences in Chicago ?  Yours here, too, smells of outmoded,disproven, malignly intended smear vs worker now wellknown for accomplishments within very difficult city- slum situation. IF you have actual experience to prove your point re his close connection with this type of violence, you are just using this honest, open, and  democratic dialog  channel in full knowledge of distortion  and perversion of our intent and known patterns of use.   Take your stuff, sir, and  smear it elsewhere,  with the fan turned on full !!   We need no bully-boy muscle approach here, and our readers have a right to expect open, honest, documentable fact.

Hank Ruark April 14, 2010 10:48 am (Pacific time)

John et al: Please understand my follow- comments here always,without fail, intended in spirit of this quote from Emma Goldman, whose life you might profit from seeking detail: "The motto should not be: Forgive one another; Rather, understand one another."

Hank Ruark April 13, 2010 6:44 pm (Pacific time)

John: You wrote:"...engage in Alinsky tactics", clearly intending that to be denigration of famed social worker in Chicago, as if he had indulged in what you claim here re violence. Alinski reputation will be sure to survive, I'm sure, but must report close contacts with kids in neighborhoods he helped to develop, maintaining more decent circumstance for them. You have any experience otherwise with Alinski and his consequences in Chicago ? Yours here, too, smells of outmoded,disproven, malignly intended smear vs worker now wellknown for accomplishments within very difficult city- slum situation. IF you have actual experience to prove your point re his close connection with this type of violence, you are just using this honest, open, and democratic dialog channel in full knowledge of distortion and perversion of our intent and known patterns of use. Take your stuff, sir, and smear it elsewhere, with the fan turned on full !!

Hank Ruark April 13, 2010 6:35 pm (Pacific time)

J.G.: No question violence will result from recent provocative acts. BUT they've occurred on both sides,surely via same smallest segment of social psychopaths, with little differentiation by assumed party participation. From long experience in this level of occurrence via press contacts, can assure you most occur via same motivations, of that group, wellknown and very UNconnected with party preference. Re public record via police and courts, and via Internet surveillance, can guarantee it ain't political preference driving these lowlifes...but economics and social/class frustrations. Anyone except those with extremely limited social experience will know that to be fact...and it requires full malign intention to try to smear one party --either one !!--with that label. Yours smells of malign intent to this editor...

Anonymous April 13, 2010 2:27 pm (Pacific time)

John, I am currently reading Alinsky's book, Rules for the Radical.. if I see your post in the future, I will elaborate, but I do see barry soetero liked it.

John Gibson April 13, 2010 10:13 am (Pacific time)

No denying this criminal act: "Allee Bautsch, chief campaign fundraiser for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and her boyfriend Joe Brown, were savagely beaten Friday night in New Orleans after leaving a Republican party fundraising dinner by a group of thugs who reportedly targeted the couple because they were wearing Sarah Palin pins. Bautch's leg was broken and Brown incurred a broken jaw and nose as well as a concussion." These violent acts against Tea Party members have been increasing, and it's time that security be ramped up and armed personnel protect our citizens from these thugs. Many have been documented as union members and democratic operatives, as what happened recently in Nevada. It's one thing to call someone names, but physical violence will in time increase where these thugs will be dealt a blow they will deserve as the laws see as justified. Thus far, there has been no evidence that those on the right have committed any acts of violence against anyone, just allegations. Well the above is not an allegation nor are other past violence by these thugs on the left. Expect those who engage in Alinsky tactics will dial up the violence, and there are those who have concealed handgun licenses who will defend those and themselves when they feel their lives are in danger. I will be attending these events where I live and will protect anyone from criminal violence as the laws allow me to.

Hank Ruark April 13, 2010 9:08 am (Pacific time)

G.N.: Real mystery is where do such-as-you come from,to cheat repeatedly and seek to damage honest,democratic dialog in channel dedicated to just that. WHY do that ?? Repeated multiname assaults on our friendly exchange, with dissent an integral part of sharing-learning pattern, are sure symptom easily recognized via repetition and revealing comment-nature --easy for any editor. Denial-as-deeply-psychotic phenomenon is known as proven diagnosis by years of wide professional practice, well documented. Recent cognitive science studies indicate cause may be in brain operations with deep generation via genome changes, due to life-experience impact. Have you checked with your psychiatrist seeking aid in defining, remedying your own proven out-of-line behavior ? (Happens I've had experience in this field via PR work with one of its leaders...he was studying the Shroud of Turin.)

Gaylord Norblad April 12, 2010 6:41 pm (Pacific time)

Where the liberals come from, I have no idea—there is no evolutionary basis for them...

Editor: Well "Gaylord" - you are also  Zack Willis and you have used the name "Daniel".  Your ridiculous politics are not welcome here to be honest, because you seek to deliver false information and we won't have that, but also and especially because you are using names (why pick this one? never mind, I don't want to know) that leads us to believe you are one of these characters who actually will argue with themselves under different names.  We don't need it, Fox is the place you are looking for, so shove off sailor. 

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