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Federal Agents Go Violent, Tasering Bundy Ranch Protestors in Nevada

"I don't mean any harm, I'm just recording your brutality." - Rancher protesting violence from federal agents

Bundy Ranch protest
Bundy Ranch protest

(LAS VEGAS) - Chanting "Get out of our state, get out of our state," protestors gathered to raise a voice against the BLM's seizure of cattle at Bundy Ranch in Nevada, but the feds did not leave before several activists were tased and attacked by federal agents and their dogs.

The officers, lined up with their dogs and weapons, looked a little like German Nazi soldiers in 1939, as they too largely relied on fierce dogs to attack and intimidate the population into obedience.

The Bundy family has a herd of at least 500 head of cattle. The BLM claims that the cattle have been allowed to graze on the federal land "illegally" for the past two decades. The family disagrees and says they are willing to face the danger from federal officials because it directly affects their livelihood.

They say the BLM has been killing their cattle, and they claim that a backhoe and dump truck that arrived today were being used to clean up the BLM's mess from dead cattle.

Channel 8 from Las Vegas covered the story. They report that this bizarre event took place in the Bunkerville area, off I-15. They say the rural Nevada community is riled because federal agents are taking cattle off of public land. The protestors numbered a few dozen.

Several say they were struck by vehicles, the crowd of local residents were incensed at the federal authority's violent approach to the situation. One representative of Anonymous in Oregon, said in relation to the federal police behavior, "So it begins".

Sequence shows BLM agent command his dog to attack local resident involved in protest.

One woman at the protest, Margaret Bundy, said, "I have 11 children, I am 58-years old, and they threw me to the dirt. All I was doing was taking pictures."

She said her arm was cut, her injuries led to an ambulance being called.

"I hurt, they scraped my knee, they tackled me."

She has been battling cancer for the past two years.

Margaret Bundy is one of many people who were attacked on camera, and the footage tells the entire story.

Another protestor said, "Enemy aggressors, this is the road I grew up on, 1355 Riverside Road, Highway 170 Nevada, and I just saw federal agents throw my aunt to the ground. I saw my cousin get tased three times, I saw them use dogs and sick them on a pregnant woman."

The man added, "All because we had a couple questions."

I suggest to those reading this, that they download the video and repopulate it on your own YouTube pages, it is exactly the type of footage that YouTube typically randomly deletes, have no faith in YouTube to do anything else.

Visit the Channel 8 story from Las Vegas: Tensions increase as feds seize Nevada rancher's cattle



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Silence Dogood April 12, 2014 4:29 pm (Pacific time)

Gonna have to call foul on the unsubstantiated genealogy claim by "Anonymous", quote, "Anonymous April 11, 2014 8:19 am (Pacific time)
"Anonymous" at 7:52 P.M.: Bundy is one quarter Native America, which as per the B.I.A. qualifies him for indigenous status, which he reject" (unquote) as I have his family tree back over a hundred years. I know his grandparent were, Bundy, Iverson, Jensen and Abbott, and I have all the great-grandparents' (their parents, too).

Anonymous April 12, 2014 1:12 pm (Pacific time)

"As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also." ~Thomas Jefferson- It appears that the Feds have pulled back. So now we will soon see how many cattle and tortises they euthanized, for it will leak out, hopefully with some pictures. The pull back was political as the Obama cabal saw that the people were going to continue to mass. People, you are witnessing some very scary behavior, for when we see armed feds start to shoot Americans using their 1st Amendment rights, then all hell is going to break loose. Obama needs to resign immediately, but he has no intention of ever leaving, so what will happen is pretty obvious...Note: The individual Obama has appointed to replace whatshername at HHS, was the primary operative/leader that closed down the WWII War Memorials and the Whitehouse visits last year. She also was an operative that worked for President Clinton, who cleaned Vince Fosters home and office after his alledged suicide... you cannot make this stuff up.

Anonymous April 11, 2014 8:19 am (Pacific time)

"Anonymous" at 7:52 P.M.: Bundy is one quarter Native America, which as per the B.I.A. qualifies him for indigenous status, which he rejects, as do the majority of Indians. This is about "Tyranny of Government" and was a process started during the Clinton cabal, and now the violent criminals in the Obama cabal are dialing up this tyranny. You have seen nothing yet, for these creatures have no intent to give up power, so we will have a situation that will make us vulnerable to outside enemies and the anarchists who I will enjoy dealing with.

More discovery doctrine cow-pucky April 11, 2014 4:17 am (Pacific time)

BUNDY is clinging to post-modern whiteman's discovery doctrine. The Discovery Doctrine is a concept of public international law expounded by the United States Supreme Court in a series of decisions, most notably Johnson v. M'Intosh in 1823 (based on Papal Bulls). Chief Justice John Marshall justified the way in which colonial powers laid claim to lands belonging to sovereign indigenous nations during the Age of Discovery. Under it, TITLE to lands lay with the government whose subjects explored and occupied a territory whose inhabitants were not subjects of a European Christian monarch. The doctrine has been primarily used to support decisions invalidating or ignoring aboriginal possession of land in favor of colonial or post-colonial governments.
The 1823 case was the result of collusive lawsuits where WHITE land speculators worked together to make claims to achieve a desired result and justify their TITLE, like Bundy is now claiming "rights" to unlimited use tt land that went from Natives to the U.S> government, not "one man" or his "ancestors". John Marshall explained the Court's reasoning. The supposedly inferior character of native cultures was a reason for the doctrine having been used. People need to get educated. Maybe now these white ranchers and other Americans ought to understand how it was, in the early 1830's, for NATIVES who were be displaced from 'traditional" lands by HIRED FEDERAL gun-slingers (aka then the U.S. Army).

From this to this April 11, 2014 3:54 am (Pacific time) Map of shrinking native lands in the US. 1492-today, and Bundy, with whiteman angst, is bitching about his rights to roam his cattle on same lands? The absurdity of it all requires selective memory.

Anonymous April 10, 2014 7:52 pm (Pacific time)

PUBLIC LANDS?? Mormon Lands? Nevadan Lands..what a crock, why not admit ORIGINALLY these lands were the open space traditional homelands of indigenous Native Americans for, Bundy, who claims to be a descendant of Mormons who settled in Bunkerville more than 140 years ago, claims an inherent right to graze the area and casts the conflict as a states' rights issue??? He says he doesn't recognize federal authority on land that he insists belongs to Nevada...let's take this back 240 years and do a TITLE search, or 340 years...

Seeking Justice April 10, 2014 12:26 pm (Pacific time)

The only criminals here are the ones wearing badges. Their violent strength does not give them the moral right to claim land is theirs. This is wrong, the police are the problem, the people MUST stand up to them. I wish I could be there with them!!!

Vic April 10, 2014 7:09 am (Pacific time)

The Federal government is our biggest and most dedicated enemy. We are nothing to them. Resist them at every turn.

Just Me April 9, 2014 11:07 pm (Pacific time)

When are law inforcement personel going to read the Constitution? They don't have to, and infact should not be following unlawful orders. READ IT FOR YOURSELFS. I BET YOU HAVEN'T! Know what they can and can't do! They don't. READ IT!!!EVERYONE READ IT!!!

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