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When two Presidents are Murdered and the UN Remains Silent

Why has there been no serious UN investigation into this crime?

Rwanda presidents
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(WASHINGTON DC) - Nineteen years ago today the Falcon 50 Jet carrying two heads of state in Central Africa was shot down by a surface to air missile.

Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and
Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi

Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi were both killed along with their aides and the French crew members.

Theories and testimonies of how and why this happened have been surfacing since the day it happened. Numerous reports such as THE MUTSINZI REPORT, Marc Trevidic’s report, Judge Bruguière's Report, as well as theories about the missing black box and testimonies of former loyalists to President Paul Kagame of Rwanda have all sought to answer the questions raised regarding this tragedy.

The interesting thread that weaves through all of these reports is the question of ‘Was Paul Kagame involved in this terrorist act or not?’ That question remains unanswered to the satisfaction of any investigator.

A glaring question persists, why has the death of two presidents gone unpunished? Why has there been no serious UN investigation into this crime? One group has decided to call upon the UN to conduct such an investigation.

The Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights has published a statement today calling for the UN to investigate this crime once and for all.

Another view of the wreckage

This group was established by young human rights and peace advocates from around the world who are concern of continuing lack of Human Rights for Rwandans in Rwanda and other countries.

Their full statement is below and unedited:

19 years on, UN should investigate assassinations of former Rwandan and Burundian presidents.

Exactly 19 years ago today; 6th April 1994, in Kigali- Rwanda two presidents were assassinated shot down in a Rwandan presidential plane. Those presidents were Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi. They were coming from a regional meeting which was held in Tanzania.

After their killing genocide erupted in Rwanda and more than 800,000 people dies in around 100 days.

On a letter sent to the United Nations secretary Ban Ki-moon, Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights requested him to order an investigation that would shed a light on assassinations of those two presidents.

Investigating and bringing to justice those responsible of that terrorist attack would be giving justice to family members of those who were killed in that presidential plane and contributing to the justice for those who were killed during the Rwandan Genocide and other killings that occurred after the genocide.

Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights reminded the United Nations secretary that UN has already ordered and investigated the assassination of the former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto assassinated Rawalpindi on 27 December 2007 and the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik.

Hariri assassinated in Beirut on 14th February 2005.

Rene Claudel Mugenzi the coordinator of the Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights said’’ If UN can investigate the assassination of Prime Ministers who were assassinated when they had left office, UN should be able to investigate assassination of presidents killed while in office. Investigating an event that triggered a terrible genocide is important in bringing justice and healing that are important and strong foundation for a much needed reconciliation and sustainable peace.’’

Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights will run the justice for Habyalimana and Ntaryamira until is done starting Saturday 6th April 2013.


April 6th marks the time of remembrance of the Genocide in Rwanda for those who are allowed to publicly remember their loved ones who were brutally murdered. This time of remembrance does not take into account the period of 1990-1994 and those who perished in the northern part of Rwanda at the hands of the RPF. But that is a story for another time.

The phrase “Never Again” has been said again and again. This writer hopes that one day it will actually be put into effect.


Jennifer Fierberg is a social worker in the US working on peace and justice issues in Africa with an emphasis on the crisis in Rwanda and throughout the central region of Africa. Her articles have been published on many humanitarian sites that are also focused on changing the world through social, political and personal action.

Jennifer has extensive background working with victims of trauma and domestic violence, justice matters as well as individual and family therapy. Passionate and focused on bringing the many humanitarian issues that plague the African Continent to the awareness of the developed world in order to incite change. She is a correspondent, Assistant Editor, and Volunteer Coordinator for NGO News Africa through the volunteer project of the UN. Jennifer is also the media co-coordinator and senior funding executive for The Africa Global Village (www.africaglobalvillage.com) Jennifer comes to www.Salem-News.com with a great deal of experience and passion for working to stop human right violation in Africa.


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Ralph E. Stone April 9, 2013 7:51 am (Pacific time)

It would seem to be an excellent case for the International Criminal Court.

D.Gilmore April 7, 2013 4:03 pm (Pacific time)

The UN was put together back around the 1940's by psychopathic, satanic, inbred bankers to control the world, either killing anything in its way, or making slaves out of those they dont kill. If you read their own agendas, I am not saying anything they did not say themselves. But how many people read the UN agenda? How many looked at the UN agenda 21? Very few, because the bankers also own the media and the education system. The department of homeland security answers to NO one, not even obama, only the banker psycho owned UN. The DHS is the gustapo of the worst kind, but, the bankers also caused WW2, birthed the gustapo and are just continuing their practiced tactics. In closing, I use the word "bankers"..there are many words to describe them. Some call them jews, I dont really go there, some call them Rothchild zionists, which I tend to use more often. Where I feel it really comes from is from these two words "pharisees and khazars" Research it yourself. Society did not start 100 years ago, it started thousands of years ago, and the bankers go back to Jesus time, where the only time Christ got angry was at the money changers (the bankers), and they killed Him.

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