April 21, 2018
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Many people and organizations have helped with Operation Red Dragonfly, or pledged their support for the many miles ahead.
Please join them in bringing this information directly to the Veterans across the United States.

Many thanks to the following, you have contributed to a worthy cause, and we give you all our love and respect.
  • Kevin Saunders
  • Leonard Lawrence
  • Dennis Paterka
  • Karin Rougeau
  • Charlie Smith
  • Jean James
  • Bob and Donna Collinsworth
  • Robert and Grace O'Dowd
  • Al Hayward
  • James Frederickson
  • Michael Rawlings
  • Gary Bennett
  • Veterans United for Truth
  • EnyaDreamz Productions
  • Ken and Susan King
  • Sacramento Motorcycle Rentals
  • and many others!
(Updates to this list are ongoing)

It is time to think outside of the box! It is time to reach out in person and speak directly to the people whose lives are effected the most.

Operation Red Dragonfly is an economical, effective approach that will gain measurable ground in our fight to save lives, for generations to come.

Get on the Calendar! If you would like to host Tim's appearance at an event or venue near you, please contact us as soon as possible.

West Coast contact: Bonnie King at Bonnie@Salem-News.com
East Coast contact: Sheree Evans (Missouri) at: evasher6@cebridge.net

TJP (Truth-Justice-Peace)