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The Best Casino Strategies

Take your time, enjoy the experience and sometimes walk away a winner.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Since gaming began thousands of years ago, players have always tried to find a way to win by narrowing the odds. Yes, in casino gaming, the house always has the upper hand – but savvy gamers know that there are ways to reduce that edge.

From poker to blackjack, you’ll find plenty of books, videos and websites offering great strategies for playing every type of game. Sadly, they’re not all as good as each other though.

For example, roulette players once believed in the Martingale system, a bold strategy that involved doubling your bet every time you lose. The idea was you would keep doing that until you recouped all your losses.

Sadly the laws of probability meant that many players tried the system and ended up running out of money to cover their ever-increasing stakes. You could go bankrupt before the luck turned in their favor.

The sums of the Martingale fans also ignore the distortion of the house edge – which means the odds are always in the casino’s favor. You would need infinite wealth to play the Martingale properly – and you probably wouldn’t end up with infinite wealth at the end of the session.

So it pays to be cautious about which gaming strategies you adopt. We’ve spoken to gaming experts and here are some of the very best ways of playing in today’s online casinos:

Control your playing budget

If you start playing at a casino with $200 and bet $20 a time you could run out of money in a few minutes. It’s nice to win but it’s also good to have a pleasant thrilling experience when you are playing – you don’t want it to end too soon.

Expert players know that it’s a great rule to never bet more than 2% of your bankroll on any one stake. Take your time, enjoy the experience and bet small, often and clever. That way you can even out the odds – and maybe sometimes walk away as a winner.


The popular casino game of blackjack is a good example of using a modern playing strategy. Blackjack usually is one of the games with the tightest edge for the casino.

Players can reduce that house advantage even more – simply by sticking to a sensible pre-determined tactic. It doesn’t need to be super clever but any system is better than none.

Some expert blackjack players call this the ‘basic strategy’ system. Decide that when you get to a certain number you twist for another card – but above that you don’t.

That’s all there is to it. But stick to it!

Too many players rely on instinct or the feel they’ve had from previous hands. This emotional way of making the vital decisions means the house has a much greater edge than it should.


Of course slot games are programmed to pay out at a certain rate – and that always favors the casino operator. But there are ways you can tilt the balance in your direction.

Don’t launch into playing a new game too fast, learn the little details of any game you are starting to play before you spend too much.

And try to recognize that probability works in waves. It will favor the house in the long term – but at any time you could win and then you could be ahead of the casino.

That’s the time to quit. Take advantage of the way probability works and quit every time you are ahead.


In poker you are playing against the other players in the game so there is a certain amount of skill involved. How do you acquire that skill?

Certainly not by jumping in with naïve bravado, making big emotional bets or trying to bluff when you’ve got dreadful hands. Instead, watch how the experts do it.

Stay calm and be clever, not aggressive, angry or impetuous.

Poker is the one game where it pays to practice. Watch and learn from others, and try different ideas when there’s no money at stake.

You are unlikely to be a great poker player unless you’ve played many, many games.

Choose your casino carefully

Perhaps the most important strategy is settled before you even start playing. The choice of online casino is vital in today’s crowded internet gaming world.

Always go for an established reputable operator like the 888 Casino Group. Today’s players need to be reassured that the casino is properly licensed and is technologically sound.

You don’t want it to crash in the middle of a game and you want to know that the system for financial transactions is robust and secure. Does it offer all the latest versions of the best games and does it have 24/7 customer support?

The odds may always be in the casino’s favor but you can make a huge difference by playing cleverly. And always remember that if you’ve had a good time you’re a winner anyway.

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