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Middle East Perspective on Obama's New Position on Palestine

Nothing comes easy...

U.S. President Barack Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama

(SALEM, Ore.) - When our writer Ken O'Keefe recommends a particular story as the most accurate reflection of Middle east developments, we pay attention.

The Real News has been bringing facts forward for years with truth and accuracy, so I am not entirely surprised that this may be the best single video in existence, gauging the new developments from a Middle east perspective.

The Arabs have lost faith, and this is putting it very lightly... in the United States.

However as an American who has been watching this very closely for years, I believe that it is substantive and that Obama will have a more difficult time backing away from this.

The matter regarding bin Laden gives Obama a new platform to work from; to reduce war and violence with. Perhaps he really will.

Like all writers today I have many questions, but one thing is sure; Obama did not intentionally put this aside for the sake of being re-elected.

I have believed through and through that anything real we were going to see would come in round two of his presidency.

Tossing even verbal support behind the idea of a free Palestinian state will reduce support more than increase it, at least in the beginning.

And everyone reading this, check out the Google ads below; 100% Zionist, that means 100% racist, if they are showing on your computer as they appear to be showing here. Goodle ads are a trap, the method for Google to appear friendly while raping and grounding the whole notion of Internet advertising. 'Do no evil' my ass! For the record, we have little control over this, just trying to earn our two cents on the dollar.

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Jaelyn June 2, 2011 3:25 am (Pacific time)

At last, someone comes up with the "right" aswner!

Colli May 23, 2011 5:37 am (Pacific time)

While I would like to think that President Obama could bring a long-lasting peace to the Middle East, I simply cannot. How can someone who cannot even bring peace to a cold war between the two major political parties in our country bring peace to a hot war that has been raging for over a thousand years, almost half way around the world? The President is well meaning and would certainly like to bring such a peace but I cannot believe that he or any other U.S. President can accomplish that task.
Until the people of the world understand that there are no strangers . . . only brothers and sisters we have not met yet, wars will be started and they will continue. Crimes against humanity can only exist while man believes some of his own species are sub-human. Peace must begin in the home and in the classroom not in an oval office in the land of the comparatively well healed! Planting love is a fruitless endeavor as long as acts that inspire hatred continue. The acts that inspire hatred I speak of include teaching children to hate. This particular act can be stopped in the home and in the classroom. Trust cannot be gained at gunpoint, it must be earned, and it appears that there are elements on both sides of this equation who fail to understand that fact.
If you want a lasting peace to exist in the Middle East, appeal to the mothers and the teachers. Until the children of Israel learn that the children of Palestine are their brothers and sisters and until the children of Palestine come to understand that the children of Israel are their brothers and sisters, both will continue to grow-up to be cannon fodder for each other!

Tim King: I understand your point Colli, I am making myself see this through positive eyes in this case, but I have to dismiss many things I know to be factual in order to be positive about it, believe me.  Thanks!  

Monty Sills May 22, 2011 6:28 pm (Pacific time)

I don't see how you think a second term for Obama would not actually produce even more abyssmal results. What has he done? Those campaign promises, how they going? Things have gotten worse with the policies he has been involved with. In fact Israel will be forced into war with Iran because of his incompetence. His supporters can only offer charges of racism when he is appropriately criticized for those unilateral policies. Charges of racism are not getting traction, as our new laws being developed to be sure only voters who can prove who they are before voting. Somehow, it’s okay to have to show ID to the clerk at 7-11 for cigarettes and chewing tobacco, or at the liquor store and college bar to buy any form of alcohol. Cash a check, travel on an airline, and so many other activities. Heck, you even have to show ID to a cop if you get pulled over. This is starting to happen all over the country, so why would anyone have a problem with having voter ID? Despite all of this, though, as Wisconsin passes a new law to require IDs in order to vote it’s racism according to the SEIU: "This anti-democratic bill is an attempt to silence minority voters in Wisconsin- women, people of color, students, seniors, people with disabilities, the economically disenfranchised and immigrants,” said SEIU Wisconsin State Council President Mike Thomas. “It is unconstitutional and irresponsible to limit the voting rights of our citizens. SEIU will work with our community allies to educate citizens of their voting rights and get them the resources they need to register to vote under this new, extreme law.” Vote fraud will continue, but in time there will be real sanctions for voter fraud with minimum sentences, then it will be slowed down, but the leftist criminal propensity is a genetic disorder that will always exist. We must always be alert for these abominations within polite societies. I would note that if you want to have Israel change it's policies, you must have congress be the agent of change, otherwise you are wasting your time. So count the Jews in congress ( and their congressional gentile supporters) and contact them and see what progress you make. Good luck with that. Obama must be defeated if you want peace in the Middle East.

James Sherfy May 21, 2011 6:16 pm (Pacific time)

It has been my observation over a considerable length of time, that those who lack qualifications will also demean those who have them, and/or suggest that they don't need them because of yada yada yada. Then comes a tirade, followed by "do you have any idea how many awards I have from my career..." That is an easy one to answer, it's not pertinent in regards to your experience or other qualifications to understand what is going on in the MiddleEast. In terms of understanding "humanity", then tell me young man just what do you know about humanity? Do you group us all together? Or do you break it down in various cultural, social, religious, racial and political segments? If so, then what is your background in being able to do that? Also as far as any of the writers on your site you refer to, then they are all on the same propaganda wave-length as you. To understand what is going on over there, top correspondents with impeccable credentials would never make the claims I have seen in stories here on this site. Your Mr. O'Keefe has a record that does not serve objectivity, nor my Marine Corps, thus you really have no one who knows what's going on anywhere on the planet it seems. In essence, what legitimate news service would hire and pay for the writing services of anyone at this site? No one, and deep down you know that to be a valid point.

You James, came along and picked this fight, don't charge me with demeaning people over qualifications.  It is all your deal friend, don't expect me not to respond.  I have great respect for those who were able to stick it out in college, I went to college and learned a great deal, but in the end couldn't justify the time sitting on my ass in classrooms.  

Tim King: Your Marine Corps?  Please.  We have over 130 stories published on the contamination of MCAS El Toro and Camp Lejeune.  We are so tied in with the Marine Corps on every level, good and bad, that you don't even qualify in even the smallest way to judge that way.  One of our writers wrote the real story of the Montford Point Marines who served at Iwo Jima and were ignored by Clint Eastwood; it was so damned good that it was published in Leatherneck last month. 

I'll engage you for sport, but I caution our readers to simply stick to what they know.  People like Ken and I were not recognized in the long run as exemplary Marines but then when you have the balls to object to illegal activity, as Ken and I both did (I even led a mutiny once) it doesn't lead to a bunch of medals.  But either way, like it or not, Ken and I are as bona fide as they get, particularly Ken as he deployed to war as an 0311.  However I caught to my unit in Iraq while covering the war and was treated like royalty, because that's the way it goes with real Marines. 

Finally, neither Ken nor I have any objectivity when it comes to war crimes and Genocide and as you know nobody pulls their punches around here.  There are not two sides to every story friend, not when it comes to the state terrorism of Israel and its utter lack of humanity toward the Palestinians. 

Jay May 21, 2011 1:38 pm (Pacific time)

was thinking about that comment suggesting that Obama would be getting more things done during a possible 2nd term. Peace coming to the mideast is not going to happen because "trust" will never come to the opposing forces, and in time domestic problems shall become the primary focus. How about those thousands of insurance "waivers" being provided for different companies and organizations, like unions? Anytime you have government engaging in playing to favorites, for example these "favorites" support the governments policies, then you have corruption, plain and simple. In addition you have businesses in Nancy Pelosi's district so far getting over 20% of these insurance "waivers", and she denies having had anything to do with them getting these waivers. Think about this statistic, that her district is one out of 435 total districts, which is .229% of 435. Then .229% goes into 20% (her districts "waivers") 87.33 times, so does that sound like some random occurence? The voters fired Pelosi last November because they did not trust her, and that holds true today. What we need is transparency which Obama promised, and that promise has never come into being, so what else is going on? Sometimes it's best to cut your losses. Trust is also an issue for Obama and will be highlighted as the 2012 campaign picks up. He has a record now...

Joel Siegal May 21, 2011 10:53 am (Pacific time)

There seems to be some confusion over why the Israelis should be so hostile to President Obama’s suggestion that the two-state solution be achieved by returning the Jewish state to its 1967 borders. The President’s supporters argue that since these borders were previously acceptable to Israel, they should be acceptable now. After all, pre-1967 Israel fought to defend those borders and they were on the table in the 2000 peace talks. Can 45 years make that much of a difference?
It is true that 45 years is not so very long in terms of the territorial integrity of the United States. We might even prefer to return to the 1967 context in which our borders were much less challenging than they are today. But what Mr. Obama seems to fail to understand is that 45 years is a very long time for Israel. While the history of the Israeli people stretches back millennia, lsrael itself has only existed for 63 years. What the President is asking is that more than 70% of that history be erased, beginning with the reasons it was deemed necessary to annex the territories in 1967, and continuing on through the failed diplomatic initiatives, UN humiliations and relentless, deadly terrorist attacks of the past decades. While some have considered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s terse response to this proposal disrespectful of the President, Mr. Netanyahu might have some very real concerns that once three-quarters of Israel’s past has been eradicated, would it be all that outlandish to go all the way to pre-1948? Especially under the leadership of an American president who is asking the Israelis to make this concession on the dubious grounds that hope will overcome hate?
Mr. Obama justified his pre-1967 proposal yesterday by declaring “[t]he dream of a Jewish and democratic state cannot be fulfilled with permanent occupation.” While rhetorically it sounded nice and cleverly recalled Martin Luther King’s iconic speech, the choice of the word “dream” to describe a sovereign state was a curious one. Perhaps for our President Israel is still an abstract phantasm that might or might not exist, but for others it has been a reality for the last 63 years. Israel has the right to all of its history, and all of its territory. We are prepared to take any action to protect our ancient Homeland.

Editor: Well Israel doesn't have the 'right' to violate human beings and ignore international law.  It doesn't have a 'right' to commit Genocide on a population.  BTW, are you prepared to also defend the land that Israel stole 63 years ago?

James Sherfy May 21, 2011 8:09 am (Pacific time)

TIM KING: "However as an American who has been watching this very closely for years, I believe that is is substantive and that Obama will have a more difficult time backing away from this." How much time have you spent in this part of the world? Have you any professional training in any social science that allows for a professional assessment of just one aspect of what is going here? Besides spending time with only "special interest" groups/individuals, what does Ken O'Keefe bring in the way of professional qualifications, as well as spending time with opposing groups/individuals? My suggestion to you is to travel in this part of the world for several months (if not years), spend time with all people involved, then report with a more balanced understanding, if that would even be possible for such a short time and having little formal training in the social and political dynamics of this area, or for that matter, any part of the world, including your own country. Maybe there are reasons that when people get hired for many types of jobs/professions it helps to have an educational background. Sure OJT works in unskilled and semi-skilled positions, but not in the above area where expertise is mandatory to even have a minimal grasp of what's going on. Thus far your articles just parrot one side, and that Mr. King, is propaganda, which is also journalistic banality, and why no newswire services will pay attention outside of those who support anti-American activity. Is that your aim? To get funding from these types of individuals/organizations? That is what my associates conclude.

Tim King: James, do you hold your nose high in the air when you speak to people?  I'm just wondering.  I know I'm just 'goyam' to you and all of that, but what I find interesting, sad and all too frequent, is this idea that Zionists, who represent a racist society that tramples the rights of others, is something you have some inherent tight to?  You suggest things that are ridiculous.  One doesn't need a piece of paper hailing their educational accomplishments to understand humanity.  If I need that I have several dozen Phd.'s, attorneys and doctors on my team who I can consult with.  So now we need an 'educational background) to write about humanity, according to you.  Nice.  As far as the news wire services, do you have any idea how many awards I have from my career.  I know to you it isn't 'real' but to the rest of the world it is.  As far as funding from these groups goes, that is lame and incorrect.  So if you were a journalist and it was '37, would you believe the Nazi scumbags?  Nope, me neither, and neither do we believe the majority of what Netanyahu says. 

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