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9 Handy Tips to Make Moving to a New Home Stress Free

"Moving on up" to a new residence should be a happy time, not fraught with anxiety and frustration.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - The logistics involved when moving from one home to another can make it seem like a nightmare. Most people have "a story" that makes them shake their head. However, the "big move" can be a walk in the park if you plan ahead. Really.

From strategic packing to smart organizational moves that include hiring money-saving removals, below are tips from an experienced Moving Company in NYC on how to make the moving day stress-free and....yes, easy.

  1. Pack Before You Estimate
    Be methodical. I will help if you have an accurate idea of the amount of stuff you will be relocating before you reach out to a removals company with your estimate.
    Looking around a room is a straightforward thing to do when trying to figure out the load you will have, but this is often a misconception. There is more than what is seen on the surface, and this might be the reason you end up facing additional charges. Most of us discover we have more stuff than we think we do.
    Therefore, pack up as much of your belongings as possible before giving an estimate. That way, the quote you receive will be more accurate, and you will avoid unexpected last-minute changes that result in extra charges.
  2. Box Your Stuff
    You might think that some of the items are too large and awkwardly shaped for them to be boxed and set them aside. However, boxing up your stuff helps you stay organized, so do your best not to make piles of "other".
    Boxes ensure you will not forget anything or lose items; you'll know what is kept in which box, and will be save the removals guys from dealing with random bits and bobs. Moreover, with your belongings boxed up, you will protect them from getting beaten up during transport.
  3. Label Your Boxes
    To avoid the hassle and confusion often experienced by some people when moving house-to-house, it is vital that you label each box after packing it. Label them according to the rooms and include a description of the items that are inside. Make 2 copies of this list, and keep one with you throughout the move.
  4. Get Rid of Useless Items
    Before you start putting items in boxes, you need to evaluate your belongings. Figure out what you need and what you can do away with; sort out everything. You can then throw out the useless stuff. Some of the items could be sold at a garage sale or donated (keep your receipt).
  5. Disassemble Furniture
    You do want to find yourself hands-on underneath your bed or the three-seater sofa with a screwdriver trying to disassemble it when the moving truck shows up. Get this done in advance. Only disassemble the bulky furniture that will not fit through the door or be loaded onto the transport truck as is. Usually, that is the table top, bureaus with mirrors, and bed frames. This will save time and avoid lots of stress as well as the risk of damage to your belongings.
    One way of amping up your efforts to get organized is by keeping the pre-made parts of some of the bulky furniture you are not using, separate from the cargo. Mark them as to what they belong to. Those integral items will be safe awaiting the moving day. You also will have an easier time working on the second batch of furniture when the moving date draws near.
  6. Be Ready for Moving Day
    The tips for moving we are giving might make the process seem simple, but you would be surprised by how often people are caught unprepared for the moving day.
    You might have a team of removal guys handling things, but you can save time and money if you lessen the job for them, and they find you are all ready to go - theirs will be less-stress when loading the transport truck and end up costing you less.
  7. Think Logistically
    It is best if you have a firm idea of the logistics of your move before you reach out to a removalist agency. Find out if there is anything that will obstruct your path when loading out your stuff and getting it all into the van, or if the vehicle will have an inhibited access into your property.
    Also, consider the same problems that you might encounter at the new place. Can the truck get into the area easily? Issues such as having a single key for the new home and even narrow driveways are a few of the problems you are likely to face, and you do not want such surprises turning the move into a nightmare.
    Therefore, take a drive and check out the roads and your new neighborhood. Be methodical and think through for all the logistics involved.
  8. Make Use of Self Storage
    Once you arrive at your new home and everything is unloaded, and inside the house, the ocean of boxes can have you feeling overwhelmed. Consider taking things bit by bit, settle in at a moderate pace. You can even hire a self-storage unit if you do not want to deal with the clutter of boxes in the home.
    Pick the boxes with the essential items and leave them in the new property and have the rest kept safe in self-storage, garage or other building on the property. You then can pick up a few boxes at a time as you figure out your new home’s space and sort your stuff.
  9. Clean Up Before Moving In
    Prepare to clean. The chances are that you may find the new place looking a bit grubby. You can avoid such an issue by talking to your landlord or seller and arranging for the property to be cleaned before you move in. Alternatively, you can head on over there and do the cleaning yourself a day or two before the move.
    It will be a strategy that prevents you from that sinking feeling of arriving at the new property with all your boxes only to find that the place requires a bit of work.
Follow these moving home tips, and your moving day should be smooth sailing. Good luck!

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