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Casino Games Loved By A-List Stars

Some A-List stars are not amateurs, and have won big competitions.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Top casinos have always attracted the rich and famous, and that won’t change. Even though they don’t necessarily need a big win, a lot of A-list stars still love to hit the casino to play their favorite games.

If you’re lucky, you might even get to spot some big stars while you are playing. When it comes to picking games, A-list stars have certain tastes. These are the casino games that are loved by A-list celebrities.


Poker is one of the most popular games for celebrities and high rollers alike. A lot of actors have starred in movies about casinos and poker players, and this may be where their love for the game starts.

It’s also a high-stakes game that is perfect for rich stars. Celebrities, including Leonardo Di Caprio and Ben Affleck, regularly play poker, and Ben Affleck has even won big championships.

Fellow actor Jennifer Tilly is also a poker star. She is so good at poker that she actually managed to win the Poker Ladies Championship World Series in 2005.


Blackjack is one of the easiest casino games to get into. The rules are relatively simple, and it’s largely luck-based. Poker is a bit tougher to get into because you need to be able to read people well, and the rules are more complex, so celebrities that are looking for a quick game are more likely to go for blackjack. You can bet a lot of money on a hand of Blackjack, and there are plenty of celebrities that do just that.

Ben Affleck isn’t just great at poker. He’s also good at Blackjack and was actually banned from a casino after playing. He spent a lot of time learning the game and studying strategies so he could get good, leading to a big $800,000 win. After that, he was banned from playing Blackjack in certain casinos.

Slot Jackpot Games

Slot games are always great at a casino because anybody can play. When celebrities want to blow off a bit of steam and have some fun without switching their brains on in a game of poker or blackjack, they’ll often play slot games. Many also like to play online at sites like Slotslv when they have a busy schedule and they can’t get to a casino.

On these sites, you can play slot jackpot games with hourly jackpots every single day, so you have just as much chance to win big as you would at a casino. Pamela Anderson is famous for her love of the slots, and she can often be found playing in casinos around the globe. She has played so many that there are now machines themed with her picture.


When you think of high-stakes, nail-biting games in the casino, roulette often springs to mind. The tension as the ball rolls around and you wait for it to come to a stop is so exciting, and it’s no surprise that there are big A-list celebrities that enjoy the same thrill. Top golfer Tiger Woods, for example, is no stranger to the roulette table.

He can often be found making huge wagers on red or black and hoping that the ball falls in his favor. He’s not the only one either. Other celebrities that love roulette include Harry Styles, Paris Hilton, and Brad Pitt.


Not all sports stars head for the roulette table to join Tiger when they enter the casino. Michael Jordan, perhaps the most famous face in basketball, prefers a game of craps.

Craps is a tension-filled dice game where a single roll can make or break your whole night. It’s no surprise that sports stars who are used to tension and adrenaline are drawn to this game. It’s a very social game, and everybody is watching you when you’re rolling the dice, which is no change for celebrities.

It’s not the ideal game if you want a quiet, measured casino experience, but if you want the excitement, glitz, and glamor that celebrities are used to, it’s the perfect casino game. Celebrities are usually attracted to high-stakes games with a lot of tension, so it’s not surprising that you will often find them in the casino. It’s the perfect place for them to blow off some steam and get a little more excitement in their lives.

Obviously, everybody is different, and they all have their own preferences when it comes to picking a casino game, but you will often find top A-list stars playing at these tables. And they’re not just amateurs either. Some of them have even won big competitions.

So, if you are hoping to spot some celebrities, you’ll stand a good chance if you head to the casino!

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