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5 Kinds of Highland Ranch Homes and Why Each One Might Appeal

Many communities feature amenities that all residents can enjoy.

Highland Ranch
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(SALEM, Ore.) - If you do not know about Highland Ranch, Colorado, you should take some time to learn about it. Highland Ranch is a gorgeous area with a lot going for it. If you are house hunting, you might target this area as somewhere worth considering.

You will also find some different housing options with various features in Highland Ranch. One of them might appeal to you more than the others. We will discuss some features that might attract you in the following article.

Horse Properties

When you look at Highland Ranch homes for sale, you should do so with your lifestyle in mind. For instance, maybe you’ll want to check out a horse property if you own a horse or more than one.

In Highland Ranch, horse ownership isn’t all that uncommon. The equine set always wants to take great care of their horses, whether they own them for racing, riding, or they plan to rent them out to stud.

You might not always find properties in Highland Ranch that already come with horse stables. If you don’t, you want a property with not just a house that works for you, but also a place where you can build an appropriate stable for the horse or horses you own.

You will probably want a house sitting on multiple acres that don’t have a designated use yet. You can put up a fence and create a paddock for the horses, and you can erect a stable as well.

If you buy property in Highland Ranch anticipating erecting a stable and putting up a fence for a horse enclosure, you should look at whether you can get the necessary permits for that first.

In some places, you can get that permit with no issues, while elsewhere, you can’t because of local ordinances.

New Homes

Some individuals and families look for Highland Ranch homes and want new construction. If so, you probably want a newly-built house because you feel like it’s all ready for you to move in.

In real estate, you might hear the expression “turn-key ready.” That means you can buy the home and move your things in without needing to do any major updates, improvements, or repairs.

If you buy a new home, you’ll probably find it closer to that condition. Few homes ever meet the “turn-key ready” description.

However, if you purchase one with all new and modern conveniences, you might like that better than needing to make any significant changes. You won’t have to spend a ton of money before you can move your family in.

55+ Communities

You might look for a home in Highland Ranch that’s part of a 55+ community. These homes don’t usually have a rule that states you must fit into this age group to move in, but the residents strongly encourage that qualification.

Older adults who want to retire soon might look at these communities because they want to be among individuals their own age. If you move into one of these communities, you can meet new friends and spend time with them.

Some of these communities feature amenities that all the residents can enjoy. For instance, some might have tennis courts or racquetball courts. Others might have shuffleboard, dances where singles can meet, etc.

If you buy a home in one of these communities, you should feel ready to spend time with your neighbors. A homeowner’s association is one potential drawback.

Often, 55+ living communities will have homeowner’s associations that dictate what you can and can’t do with your property. If you have any issues with that, think about it before you decide to move into one of these neighborhoods.


Condos aren’t detached dwellings. Instead, they’re more like apartments, but you own the property instead of renting.

You can find condos in Highland Ranch if you look for them and this setup appeals to you. Condos often feature more space than the average apartment, and you can sometimes find very spacious ones with square footage equaling a medium-sized or large house.

If you live in a condo, you won’t have a yard that you need to tend. Some older adults like this setup because they no longer have to mow the yard, weed the flower beds, and so forth.

If you live in a condominium, you might also find one with no stairs. That might work well for you if you’re an older adult or you have mobility issues.

On the other hand, you must live in the same building with neighbors. That might work fine if you like your neighbors, but you might end up in a building with someone who likes to practice the clarinet or has loud parties. If so, you may regret moving into a condo.

HUD Properties

HUD means the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It’s a government-run entity that often tries to sell distressed properties to individuals who want to fix them up and live in them.

You will sometimes find HUD properties in the Highland Ranch area in not-so-great condition, but you can buy them for a lower price tag than you’d pay for a non-HUD property.

If you purchase a cheap HUD property, you’ll likely have to sink some money into making it livable again. A home inspection can reveal how much work the property needs.

You can sometimes find HUD properties in pretty decent condition, though. If you do, you can put a little work into them and live in them. Some people think that a neighborhood featuring HUD properties isn’t as desirable, but that’s not always the case.

If you’re looking for Highland Park homes and you check out some HUD properties along with non-HUD ones, you open yourself up to some new possibilities, some of which might work well for you.

If you can do some DIY work on a HUD property, you can save money that way since you won’t need to hire contractors for everything.

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