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Will New President of Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin make Peyton Manning MVP?

Hopefully Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Bronco's will not become the "MVP - Most Valuable Pusher" for OxyContin because of all his sports injuries -- neck, arm and knee.

Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Bronco's
Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Bronco's. Photo:

(MYRTLE CREEK, OR) - While serving as "Most Valuable Player" for 15 years at Merck, Timney was known for "downsizing" the work force by 15,000 employees give or take a few.  In fact, he earned a revered spot in The Huffington Post in 2013 under the title 11 Terrible Ways To Say You're Laying Someone Off Without Saying It.

Purdue Pharma, maker of the deadly billion $$$$$$ painkiller named "OxyContin" issued press releases this week that they have named a new President, Mark Timney. Mr. Timney held executive positions for Merck US in Whitehouse Station, NJ as well as overseas. He served as President and managed sales and marketing at their corporate headquarters in Whitehouse Station, NJ. The irony is that I lived in Whitehouse Station for years before moving to Myrtle Beach, SC. In fact, I was invited to tour their corporate facilities shortly before they opened. The pharmaceutical headquarters building was beyond impressive -- right down to cherry wood file cabinets -- never mind those ugly grey steel cabinets. And an employee cafeteria? No it was more like a high end restaurant. The headquarters also housed little shops for employees to shop or drop off dry cleaning. All this prestige in a little farm belt town filled with little league baseball, football and soccer fields. Such irony don't you think?

Mark Timney replaced John Stewart as President and CEO of Purdue Pharma. Stewart should have no problem reappearing in the pharmaceutical industry since he holds a B.S. in Biology and he could be viewed as a touchdown to another pharmaceutical company. Well disregard my punting, back to Mark Timney and his new position with the infamous makers of OxyContin -- responsible for horrific addictions and deaths in the U.S. and Canada.

Elliot J Matos Jr Billboard

After announcing potential layoffs to Merck employees, Timney was quoted as saying "The company will offer the opportunity for employees to proactively hand raise and be considered for separation." Was this guy serious? Well anyway the employees at Merck referred to him as the grim reaper of layoffs -- and now he is Purdue Pharma's new grim reaper.

Now I have a question for Timney -- "Think the Bronco's will pull it off on Super Bowl Sunday?" I'm asking Mr. Timney this because he has the impressive college degree of -- sit tight in the bleachers -- a B.S. in Sports Studies and no advanced degrees in anything related to pharmacology or biology.

Wonder where this sports degree will take Timney?

Under John Stewart's leadership at Purdue Pharma, he recruited the popular country singer, Naomi Judd to be the Purdue Pharma spokeswoman in the undertreatment of pain in the U.S. This strategic maneuver to tap into the entertainment industry to push OxyContin was not only well received by celebrities, but also by pain sufferers in the country -- as revenues grew.

Hopefully Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Bronco's will not become the "MVP - Most Valuable Pusher" for OxyContin because of all his sports injuries -- neck, arm and knee. That would take care of the thus far untapped sports injury market for Purdue Pharma in pushing OxyContin - and also result in the new grim reaper of the corporation to score more touchdowns as the body count continues to mount in addictions and deaths.

LP - Poetry, peace, faith and laughter always. Love you as much as "Brains" loves you!

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Virginia March 15, 2014 5:16 pm (Pacific time)

While it's sad that people have died, the fact is that it was due to abuse of the drug. In most cases it was bought on the streets and used for the purposes of obtaining a "high". When used in the context it was meant which is for the relief of pain NOT a means of getting "high" it is effective. The manufacturer is not responsible for people abusing the drug!!

We disagree, Purdue was criminally convicted of having marked OxyContin as non-lethal and non-addictive,  it has been a ploy from the start, there is not the first thing about this drug that is innocent.

Anonymous January 30, 2014 2:42 pm (Pacific time)

Seems the best way to deal with this issue is through legislation, otherwise you are just spinning your wheels. There are always public consumption products that get exposed as dangerous, and only by getting some state legislator on board will start the ball rolling. Watch how Colorado and Washington will provide ample data in the coming year how dangerous another product is that will cause far more deaths (via accidents and suicide) that any painkiller will...just saying. Of course long range detrimental effects of any drug simply takes some time to develop, but evidence is omnipresent for those who have the intellectual ability to evaluate objectively. BTW, Denver wins by 8, and Peyton will be MVP. Seattle will return to their anal passage ways. Note: Illegal drug use has it's consequences, just like voting and not paying attention to who the candidate/drug really is, and how dangerous they/it are/is.

Marijuana is not a drug, it is a natural herb and it has never killed a single person in all history, please keep comments on topic.

Anonymous January 30, 2014 9:54 am (Pacific time)

Here is an article written by someone who has no understanding of what it takes to become an NFL superstar quarterback.

This article has nothing to do with what it "takes" and if you are saying it requires being a spokesman for an immoral company that kills people with its products then we have to respectfully disagree.

Steve Gelfand, MD January 30, 2014 9:22 am (Pacific time)

Peyton Manning knows better but many celebrities like Naomi Judd do not. When you look at the long and growing list of entertainment and sports figures who have either died or become addicted to OxyContin and other narcotics, too many of those close to them have done a lousy job of advocating against the wide and easy access to prescription narcotics which can addict and kill, especially if combined with other psychoactive substances. They have often failed to adequately educate and warn others against following the same deadly course and outcome. Advocating for Purdue Pharma for more OxyContin prescribing is the very opposite of what should have been done.

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