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The Sun Still Baffles Scientists

The scientists say they are just beginning to understand how our atmosphere works

the Sun
From 'Incredible images of the Sun'

(SAN DIEGO) - On Dec. 22, 2011 I received this link from the Planck Foundation, to an article titled: The Sun: A Magnetic Plasma Diffuser That Controls Earth’s Climate.

William A. Fowler

It states:

How are we to understand the universe when, as Nobel Laureate William A. Fowler noted in 1988, ‘we do not even understand how our own star really works.’ If fusion powers the Sun, why does it discard 50 trillion tons of hydrogen each year as ‘solar wind’ trash, with traces of other elements carefully sorted by atomic weight? Why is the Sun’s emission of neutrinos only about 1/3 the amount expected from fusion reactions? Why is the ratio of oxygen atoms to carbon atoms only 2 at the Sun’s surface, when laboratory and theoretical calculations predict a much higher value?

I responded with a comment to this article:

It will help to better understand the Sun if it is recognized that the Sun is not ‘a diffuser of ionized atoms’ but in fact creates ionized atoms via accelerating atoms of gases to extremely high velocity in its magnetic field where they collide and fuse into the various elements. In this concept, much of the confusion is eliminated because the nuclear fusion occurs in the intense outer magnetic field of the Sun instead of by an internal thermonuclear furnace.

Thus, the Sun consists of the normal elements of iron, oxygen, nickel, magnesium and calcium and the other aspects of the Sun can be explained without contradiction. It is impossible for the Sun to have a 25 million degree interior and radiate a multimillion degree temperature to the corona and leave a relatively cold 8,000 degree temperature surface of the Sun between these two awesome temperatures. However, it is simple to explain how an external fusion of gases in its corona can create a multimillion degree temperature and radiate an 8,000 degree temperature to its surface. In this concept, the internal temperature of the Sun becomes irrelevant.

I received a reply asking if my message can be posted for discussion on the Neutral Repulsion Discussion Forum. I gave my permission for this and hope some of the participants would have an open mind and request additional information regarding this concept.

On Feb. 28, 2001, NASA broadcast a program titled, “Space Science Update”. It contained information and photos from the SOHO, TRACE, IMAGE and POLAR satellites. Dr. Craig De Forest, of Southwest Research Institutes, Boulder Colorado, said: “The Sun is not just a big ball of gas.”

Showing a video of the Sun, he said:

This is what the Sun looks like today. You can see it is completely covered with active regions. They look like flames all over the surface which were caused by the emergence of new magnetic fields that opposes the direction of the old field and they’re causing really exciting and dramatic events on the Sun; The largest explosions of the solar system and also profound effects here on Earth. Underneath the corona on the surface the manifestation of the active regions and the magnetic field there is sunspots. Where the magnetic field is particularly strong there is a dark spot on the surface. You can see dark spots on the surface caused by concentrations of magnetic field. The effect of the magnetic field on the corona is the titanic electrical currents induced in the Sun’s atmosphere and occasionally the magnetic field undergoes drastic changes suddenly, producing large explosions, flares and coronal mass ejections.

This 2001 report proves that the heat of the Sun is created by its intense magnetic field and an internal nuclear furnace to power the Sun is totally unnecessary.

For decades I have been prodding scientists to examine an alternative concept to their internal thermonuclear furnace belief that powers the Sun.: For those who think the scientists already know everything and do not need any prodding, read these recent comments by prominent scientists and you should recognize that a revision of their beliefs is imperative if the mysteries of the universe are to be resolved.

In a program broadcast on the “Science” TV station on May 12, 2006, the narrator, John Ralston, said:

Although the aurora is nearer to giving up its last few secrets, for now it defies complete comprehension. The first big mystery is how the particles coming from the Sun are accelerated so quickly into the upper atmosphere to form the aurora. What is firing them downward? The second big question is: What causes the beautiful cuts, vortices and filaments inside the aurora? Answering these questions will unlock the secrets of the aurora and at the same time, help us to understand the working of the cosmos. If you guys can figure this out, there is a Nobel Prize.

In a 1994 television program regarding neutron stars, pulsars and black holes, a professor at Coast Community College said ”Our quest to understand these objects challenges current laws of physics.”

In 1980, Dr. Bradford Smith of JPL said: “Excited scientists are junking their once-tidy theories. Bewildered is probably the best way to describe the way we feel right now”

In a Dec. 16, 1997 NASA news conference Dr. Torrence Johnson of JPL said: “Trying to update our textbooks is proving to be difficult. We can’t just take our previous text and add a few lines. We’re having to tear it up and literally re-write the textbooks.”

Dennis Mammana
Photo courtesy:

In a Jan. 13, 1999 newspaper article regarding the accelerated expansion of the universe, the NASA scientists report that, “They have been thrown into a tizzy by developments in recent months that threaten much of what they thought they knew.”

Dr. Persis Drell of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center said, “The dark matter is made up of super symmetric particles. That is our best guess at this point.”

In a Dec 26, 1999 UCSD program, an astronomer with the Reuben Fleet Science Center, Dennis Mammana, said, “The laws which can explain most of everyday experiences, things like Caprarian Motion and Newtonian gravity, can’t even apply here. And that is why we look in these strange places, to discover what is beyond the physics we now understand to test that which has been theorized but not yet observed.”

Craig J. Hogan
Photo courtesy

In a program titled, “Things That Go Bang in the Night” on April 30, 1998, Craig J. Hogan, a professor at the University of Washington, said: “We think we have an overview of the world but it still is not very precise. We’re still trying to fill in the details.”

In a Feb. 15, 2000, the TLC television station broadcast a program titled: Mysterious Skies” in which the researchers:

Speak out about some of the most surprising and elusive storm discharges. A strange new class of lightning was confirmed in the early 1990’s that has been reported for years by airline pilots and ship captains. Called ‘jets’ and ‘sprites’ because of their fleeting nature, these extraordinary lightning phenomenon are visible only at high altitude or far above distant storms. The blue jet is a very faint blue surge of light that comes out of the top of a thundercloud and propagates up to a height of 30 or 40 miles. We really don’t understand these blue jets very well.

In an Oct. 13, 2008 NASA report Bill Reach of NASA’s Spitzer Science Center at C.I.T., said: “We’ve been studying comets for hundreds of years – 116 years in the case of Comet Holmes – but still do not really understand them.”

In a UCSD program broadcast on April 30, 1998, Professor Craig J. Hogan of the University of Washington, said” “We think we have an overview of the world but it still is not very precise. We’re still trying to fill in the details.”

Michael Turner UChicago News

In a June 24, 2004 KPBS program narrated by Alan Alda, Dr. Michael Turner of the University of Chicago, said: “I think what you’re starting to see is that we don’t know very much about it at all. We need help. We just don’t know what it is; a mysterious force out there in space that literally comes out of nowhere. It’s pushing the universe apart faster and faster.”

In a NASA program in Feb. 2001, the SOHO satellite detected more of the magnetic fields I depicted in the illustration I copyrighted on May 6, 1978 on the Sun. Dr. Craig De Forest of Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Co., said: “We’ve found this jet stream which nobody suspected before. This is a real find and threw a curve ball into the whole process. We’re going to need further analysis to really understand some of these new features we’ve seen.”

In a Nov. 5, 1997 NASA news conference, Dr. Alan Title said: “We’ve finally solved a 55 year old puzzle; why is it hundreds of times hotter outside the Sun than inside. The Sun is surrounded by the equivalent of an electric blanket. The blanket is heated by magnetism, however, not by electricity.”

In a Jan. 13, 1999 newspaper article regarding the accelerated expansion of the universe, the NASA scientists reported that “They have been thrown into a tizzy by developments in recent months that threaten much of what they though they knew. Some previously unaccounted force must be fueling the acceleration. Physicists are faced with the bewildering mystery of determining just what particle or energy form may be working that magic. The problem now is not only do we not have the right answer, we’re not even sure we have the right question. This is all potential disarray. This has led to other confusions. These very, very strange findings shakes things up”

In a Feb. 28, 2001 NASA program Professor Douglas Gough, U. of Cambridge, U. K., said: “As a result of this motion comes large scale interesting and coherent things that we don’t fully understand. It is similar to what we see on Earth. It’s very fascinating. We are just beginning to understand how the Earth’s atmosphere operates. We’re beginning to understand meteorology as a result of detailed observations from space. Now we’re going to understand the motions of the Sun. It could be a phenomenon similar to what’s happening on Earth and it will, I believe, herald a new era of solar meteorology.

From the video 'Carolyn Porco & Mike Shara Discuss Saturn
and Cassini Mission ' from YouTube

In a 2008 NASA program titled “Lord of the Rings”, Dr. Carolyn Porco, leader of the NASA Cassini team researching the bizarre activity around Saturn and its rings said: “It is quite complex and it will take us a long time to figure it all out. I don’t think we will be able to figure all of it out.”

In a 2002 NASA television broadcast, Professor Sandra Faber said: “What happens in a singularity is a complete mystery and solving it is going to require new physics that we just don’t have right now.”

In a December, 1997 NASA program titled, “Final Blaze of Glory”, Dr. Blalick said: “We knew that stars ejected mass and did it in fairly interesting patterns 10 years ago. The big prize is some good physical model for how the process takes place that we don’t yet have. It may be something like a magnetic field.”

In a March 9, 2006 “Nightline” program, Hayden Planetarium Director, Dr. Neil De Grass Tyson, said: “I’m a scientist and I like standing on the boundary between what is known and unknown and peering out into our ignorance and it’s that unknown that drives our curiosity.”

In a Dec. 14, 2010 NASA Cassini Advisory it states: “The data show how plasma injections, electrical currents and Saturn’s magnetic field – phenomena that are invisible to the human eye – are partners in an intricate choreography. What’s important in this new work is that scientists are beginning to describe the global, casual relationships between some of the complex, invisible forces that shape the Saturn environment.”

On the Aug. 12, 2010 “History” program “Magnetic Storm”, it stated “Electricity and magnetism is one and the same thing. Magnetic storms are the most powerful forces in our solar system and they have been nearly completely overlooked by scientists.”

In a Nov. 2, 2011 KPBS program titled “The Fabric of the Cosmos; what is space?” it stated: “It is one of the deepest mysteries in physics. What is space? We really still don’t know. For something that is such a vital part of our lives, space remains kind of like a familiar stranger. It’s all around us but we’re still far from having unmasked its true identity. That may take a hundred tears. It may take a thousand years, or it may happen tomorrow. But when we solve that mystery, we’ll take a giant step toward fully understanding the fabric of the cosmos.”

The scientists still do not understand what triggers a tornado or a volcano eruption. In Feb. 28, 2001 the scientists say they are just beginning to understand how our atmosphere works. To the comment by Nobel Laureate William A. Fowler I would add; How are we to understand the universe if we do not even understand how our own Earth works? One would wonder: What do the scientists understand about the universe? Obviously, it is time to revise their basic premise regarding the universe. They can start by recognizing that it is electromagnetic energy, not nuclear fusion and cataclysmic explosions and heat that originated and sustains the universe.

Edsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel's unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth's atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address:

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