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Gilad Atzmon in Oakland Tonight!!!

Gilad is in Oakland tonight!

Gilad Atzmon
Gilad Atzmon

(OAKLAND) - In spite of the relentless attempts of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Alan Derschowitz to cancel this crucial meeting, the event is going ahead!!!

If you happen to be in the Bay area, please come and stand with us.

Gilad Atzmon, one of the world's top jazz saxophonists, is also a prolific activist writer and he concentrates on the crimes of his home country, Israel.

Gilad's new book 'The Wandering Who?' adds an undeniable perspective that screams racism and apartheid, Gilad for one isn't having it. His articles sting Zionist apologists hard and his unflinching style is literally unnerving for those who propagate, endorse and practice war crimes.

His musical career dates back many years, Gilad was a member of The Blockheads, the band made famous by Ian Dury, known for the hit 'Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll'.

The attitude is alive and well and Californians have a unique chance to see this talented performer who has been a writer for many years.

Check it out, buy his book The Wandering Who? and stand up for what is right in this world, those are the politics that back all human beings equally, not just those who prescribe to a particular religious faith.

Gilad' s New Book: The Wandering Who? is available on and

For for pdf flyer click here.

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Native Palestinian February 28, 2012 8:12 am (Pacific time)

“Two Peoples, One Future”- NO, BUT NO THANK YOU - There is no “One State/Two State Solution”, there was, is, and will always be one Palestine. - It is not an “Israeli-Palestinian conflict”, it unequivocally is nothing else than an occupation of Palestine by terrorists, namely the Jewish Zionists who call themselves “Israelis”, and who for the time being still gang up under the racist and fascist ideology called Zionism. Palestinians can only have a future when they sever every tie with the criminal rapists “Israeli Jews”. - “Two people” is incorrect also, since there is only one Palestinian People or Nation, while there are many diverse Jewish-Zionist occupiers, of diverse cultural and ethnic background,. Within the context of a Liberation of Palestine, and a practical future, the contrary is true: Palestinians have the full unabridged right, based on International Law and Customary Law, to decide the fate of their tormentors and occupiers. providing the future Palestinian Court system will accept the (ex-Israeli) individuals on a case-by-case basis, Anyone who served in the IDF, anyone who served the Jewish state apparatus, anyone who contributed to the “Israeli” state ‘s operations and strategy, anyone who transferred significant funds to “Israel”, shall be brought to Justice, if and only if prosecution is the Palestinians’ sovereign decision. In other words, the fate of the Jewish occupiers will be in the hands of their victims. “it is down to the people on the land to determine their fate“. If you are saying that it is down to the Israelis to determine the Israelis fate, I disagree fully! Their margin of action is temporary, and knows only one issue, and that is the EXIT door! Failing to run away while they can, will down the road subject them to prosecution in Palestinian Sovereign Courts, as well as Palestinian Immigration Policies that will eventually determine their residency or citizenship in Palestine, or the jail they will rot in, for having killed babies and acted as psychopathic criminals causing death and destruction. Palestinians should determine Israelis’ fate with which I fully agree. “yet, we must take care of its Jewish population and make them into citizens with equal rights in the new emerging Palestine. we would also have to re-eduacte the Israelis through an extensive process of de-zionification in accordance with universal values..” No way! “equal rights” ???? “we must” not do anything, as it is the Palestinians and only the Palestinians Sovereign Right, to decide what fate their occupiers and tormentors should face i am tired to hear the false argument that it is a complicated problem, because it is not. We have been hoodwinked to accept that it is complicated, in order to perpetuate the problem. In the sense that Israel is over and finished, The concept of “Self”-determination” has not been created as a carte blanche for overtaking someone elses’ property I would like to remind that the vast demographic majority of those Jews who hold “Israeli” citizenship, are actually foreign born, and not “native” What happens when you commit the crimes related to colonialism, you may well be hurt in the end, even emotionally, because of course even the worst of men, carries some memories that he associates with a specific region. they would have to leave, it is as simple as that.

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