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IUVM Reports: The Second International Congress on 'The Threats of Takfiri Groups in Today's World' Held in Qum

The shia Marja emphasized the cultural and multimedia issues confronting those with Takfiri ideology.

Takfiri with sword

(QUM) - The second international congress on “The threats of Takfiri groups in today’s world” started with Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi’s speech.

He began by emphasizing the congress’s totally scientific view, saying it is clear from all political biases. “We respect all sects of Islam,” he added.

He mentioned the groups as a blood stain on the face of Islam. He said, “(The) slaughter of Muslims and non-Muslims, displacement of thousands of innocent and homeless Muslims, destruction of great Islamic figures’ grave, mosques and historical monuments, unprecedented damage to economical infrastructures, cooperation with Islam’s blood enemies like Israel and western countries, in addition to taking financial support aimed for the destruction of Islamic nations and slaughter of innocent non-Muslims from Iraq, Nigeria, and capturing and selling women as sex slaves, are just a drop from the ocean of crimes and dangers of these Takfiri groups."

He compered the militant groups with ‘Khavarej’ from the early Islamic era, and emphasized, “These militant groups are way more dangerous and harmful. Our aim as theologians from different sects of Islam should be set on demolishing these deviating ideologies.

Ayatollah Makarem mentioned the historical background and crimes of Takfiries since the last decade in Mohammad bin Abdulvahab works.

The important point is the enmity of them towards all Muslims from all sects that did not bow to their barbaric creeds, even recommending to shed their blood.”

The shia Marja emphasized the cultural and multimedia issues confronting those with Takfiri ideology.

“There should be multilingual international TV channels to counter the phenomenon and all Islamic countries should take part in it,” he proposed.

Ayatollah Makarem is one of Iran’s grand interpreters of the Holy Quran. He said that in the current situation, it’s a great sin to stick to sectarianism, so we should respect others’ sanctities.

The Chief of Pakistan's unity council, Sahed Zade Aboulkheir, made a speech in congress, saying, “ the Islamic clerics of other Islamic countries, we must return to our countries and enlighten the governments about the damage of supporting the Takfiri and extremist groups.

Kamal Helbavy, an Islamic scholar from Egypt, emphasized that “to confront the Takfiries, we should establish intellectual teams to discuss the issues and dangers of these ideologies, moreover, establishing a TV channel to cooperate with these intellectuals."

During his speech, Ali Akbar Velayati discussed the Islamic awakening as the sole reason for the rise of the Takfiri groups. “Making a lieu for Islamic awakening was actually anti-Islamic in its nature, it was initiated by Takfiries. “Their actions in Iraq, Syria, and on the other hand, Al-Quadeh in Afghanistan and Pakistan, is weakening Islam.” He added.

The Secretary General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening continued “...the remaining military Marshals from “b’as” party attract extremist Salafi Muslims from Iraq and Syria. In his last days, Saddam was attracting Taliban and Al-Qauade militants, so we can declare that Daesh is a combination of Al-Quade and Ba’s extremists.

Molavi Nazar Ahmad Salam, a Sunni cleric and a member of clerical Assembly of Experts, explained that Orientalism and layysm are the west's principal strategy against Islam. “Combating the falsehoods is an ongoing battle in the world and Islam’s enemies continued this war against us, but were unable to achieve this goal to this day."

Following Ayatollah Alireza Erafi, the chairman of the Mustafa community talked about the Takfiri dangers. He said “The the lack of inept and accurate discussions to confront the west and a return to Islam is the most compelling element toward religious violence.

Abdulrahman Cee, a Senegalese scholar, emphasized in his speech, on the dispersion of Islamic nations.

“Groups with sympathy to extremism are supported by Wahhabi Saud Arabia, causing the world to indulge in a third World War. The have spread dispersion all over the Islamic world, and they are to be blamed for the destruction.

Some selected works from scholars working on the area were appreciated. A Collection of Secretariat of the Congress works was unveiled at the end. Works such as: The book "Faith and blasphemy", a collection of 10 editions of essays on Takfir from Islam’s view, focusing on the destruction of holy Islamic shrines, and Fatwas of Takfiri groups for slaughtering Muslims.


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