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5-Year Old Arizona Girl Recovered Safe After Abduction: Amber Alert Canceled

The State of Arizona canceled the Amber Alert Friday night after the girl was recovered safe following a high speed chase in Phoenix. The girl is safe, and the suspect has been taken into custody.

5-year old Natalie Rose Flores
A 5-year old Arizona girl was recovered safely.

(PHOENIX, Az.) - The State of Arizona canceled an Amber Alert Friday night after a girl who was abducted in Phoenix, was recovered safely.

Police report that earlier on Friday, the suspect was taking pictures of children in the apartment complex where the girl lives.

He reportedly tried to pull down one girl's pants, and then abducted the victim, the sister of the other girl, who is 5-years old.

We do not have current suspect information, we only know that the little girl was recovered safely, and that is an amazing break in this tough world, the kind of thing we don't get to report often enough.

Editor's note: This report was modified and updated at 12:45 a.m. Saturday.

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Jeffrey K - December 26, 2009 2:51 pm (Pacific time)

I literally just watched a show on TV that mentioned that Phoenix was now the "kidnap capital" of the US. I think most of that is drug gang/cartel related ransom extortion type cases, but hopefully there aren't many more vermin like this guy out there. It's times like these when I look up and say "Thank you God". And on Christmas! - makes it all the sweeter. I hope the poor child was not too traumatized by this predator. If there's justification for the death penalty, it's guys like this who deserve it most. A child's innocence is their most valuable possession, next to the love of their family. To steal that is so many kinds of wrong. They'd better not let this monster out to make room for pot smokers or other drug "offenders". I think we've had enough of that. Cannabis consumers aren't criminals, and drug addicts need treatment, not incarceration. Ashcroft and Bush and McCaffrey and all those idiots might argue with me on that point. They did (as much) for their whole careers, with what to show for it? More prisons and per capita prisoners than any nation on Earth. Way to go, guys! You made money for your buddies, and criminals out of thousands of upright citizens. All for political and monetary gain. Sorry to stray off-topic a bit, but our prison space should be available for scum like whoever this sludge of the earth, child-abducting, potential rapist/murderer of our innocent babies turns out to be.

Josh A. December 26, 2009 6:12 am (Pacific time)

Oh that's so good to hear... I prayed so hard when I read this story. I really did pray a good long strongly motivated prayer. I'm so happy for her family... What to do with this piece of trash they picked up, though... I know this scumbag is going to get out in 15 years like all the rest. Then he will become a pedophile again and some other family will have to deal with his repeat offense sometime later... I'm ashamed that these evil rotten scum aren't immediately given life w/o parole. If not just spend 1 rifle shell on him for a dollar fifty instead of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's money so we can give this creep a bed and 2 meals a day. He's honestly not worth it to me... and I don't even kill ants on purpose if I can avoid it (I am Buddhist, I eat meat 4 times a week but I am not supposed to kill anything intentionally). something tells me that the ants I try not to kill and the cow I eat 4 times a week would not kidnap a living breathing human being, though, and do god-knows-what to her.

Josh A. December 25, 2009 8:50 pm (Pacific time)

Oh dear lord... on Christmas day... I hope they find her safe and I hope someone puts lead between this dudes eyes before they can put him in jail. child molesters, rapists and murderers are the lowest form of mankind... I'm an easygoing guy but these have to be 3 things in my mind that should be dealt with ferociously and with no mercy. I prey she is found quickly...

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