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Waging Peace in the Big Leagues
It's Time to put the Weapons of War in Reverse

Our Dream that can Save the World. Believe it.

HMS Ark Royal
Photos courtesy: Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Defence Forum of India, Aerotrader.com

(SALEM, Ore.) - Those who have faith in the current system need not read this article. If you favor the present arrangement, if you aren't troubled by the terrible strife in this world, that the United States is largely responsible for, it would be a waste of time. However, people who believe it is possible to set this ship of life on a straight course but don't know how, will find this of great interest.

The answer is elusive, because the world is plagued with so many problems taking place simultaneously. The answer has to be big, loud and powerful, as will be the resolve needed to turn this dream into reality and hands on action. The 'answer' needs to send a resounding message that we are serious about establishing peace, ending famine, and helping families from North America to Africa and every point in between, where starvation and disease are paramount, and business interests overshadow the importance of human security and health and development. Our biggest tool will be and always is, communication.

The Idea

Our goal involves the utilization of a world peace vehicle of extraordinary proportions, and takes advantage of the use of equipment designed by the world military/industrial complex. There happens to be a buyer's market in aircraft carriers in recent years; seaworthy examples made in the UK in the early 1980's are selling for four to five million dollars. Those agencies marketing them list suggested uses such as 'hotels' and 'casinos'. I believe there is such better use for a vessel of this stature and capability. Even though they are selling for several million, they are going for a tiny fraction of what it cost to build them.

The British carrier class we have in mind are smaller, more economical ships that are around 2/3rd the size of the Americans Nimitz class carriers. They are vastly more economical and as mentioned above, not old or neglected as part of a mothball fleet. While this type of ship, designed for Harrier and helicopter operations, is smaller, around 700 feet in length; it is a magnificent thing to see and always a star at ports in the world it steams into.

Now, imagine this gallant vessel carrying out work that builds and fosters peace and education, on a platform of equality that seeks to restore so much missing balance in this world.

Such a gallant ship could be used as a world disaster relief/hospital vessel of epic proportions. We could use it to save human beings during times of strife by maintaining a fleet of military helicopters that can quickly and easily evacuate people and relocate them, or bring them to the ship for healthcare when necessary, to be treated by caring doctors who entered their profession expressly to save and aid human life.

Practical: Sikorsky S-58 E, many years old,
but equipped to transport 10+ passengers.
Complete with hook, rescue apparatus, and in
perfect condition. $260,000

Real Hope for People in the Darkest Circumstances

The largest single use could be for flood, tsunami and earthquake victims; but the list is long and meaningful, almost endless. There would be a dangerous element to much of the rescue work, and among those involved there would be no misunderstanding of that. There is no question that we would potentially lose people during operations, that is on the table and clear. There is no success without sacrifice. The better the aircraft we are able to procure, the less risk our crews will face when flying. Lightly armored Russian military helicopters start at approx. 50k, for older units in flying condition. To have something manufactured in the west that is in top condition, will cost about $250,000. If we had as few as four of these aircraft, we could conduct our role. It's time to put the weapons of war to use for the exact opposite purpose for which they were intended.

Along with the ship and related aircraft, would be a small fleet of vehicles to conduct overland operations when the vessel can dock at a port, eliminating the need for air operations. We also would carry construction equipment to assist in land rescue operations when then can be offloaded. There will be many variables in each situation but by using the top experts in the world in organizing this relief work, which is our intention, we will have great success and we will be there to offer lifesaving hope. It is time to relight the fires of passion that are in the hearts of so many people who are willing to volunteer under dangerous conditions, but they would not do it in order to kill or aid a war of aggression.

There is an analogy in our use of writers who are military veterans. There is something poetic about an entity crafted for war, becoming one for peace. It is a steadfast and wholehearted commitment and nobody knows the pain and suffering of war better than those who have survived it. We don't just have military combat veterans, we have war reporters and witnesses of so many conflicts on our team, and writers who have been the victims of war. Our team is in war zones at this very moment reporting developments from places like Libya, and Gaza. They are the bravest reporters alive, and this project will place their reports and videos and photos in front of far far larger audiences than ever before, because if we have the money to bring this to reality, then we will also have money to promote our ideas properly.

Part of the funding of the ship once up and running, will be be derived from advertisers who sponsor our news and programming. Overview of some of the potential uses:

  • Disaster relief
  • World news TV & Internet studios
  • Movie studio
  • Promotion of health and safety
  • War crimes monitor
  • Incredible Educational opportunities
  • Major event concerts
  • Education
  • Agriculture and non-GMO food production
  • Green energy development
  • Solar over distribution
  • Solar power system distribution
  • Manufacturing of many items

'A More Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Carrier'

An aircraft carrier is a massive ship with a great deal of room, the possibilities are endless and would be well utilized. With a non-military mission, it would be possible to incorporate solar panels that would span the deck on retractable mechanisms. While this would not provide energy to power the vessel, it would offset the cost of other conventional engines that run perpetually on ships of this magnitude to provide electric power, etc.

And while we continually evolve this idea of a 'more environmentally friendly aircraft carrier', we create an incredible arena for research and technological development and achievement.

Our purpose would be to function in numerous ways that better serve the world. We would help absolutely anyone that we could. From hands on rescue operations, to sharing donated items and distributing clean food seeds and crops that reverse the negative trends set in place by companies like Monsanto, we would do everything in our power to restore the balance of nature robbed by the greed of centuries of colonialism and prejudice western ambitions.

Our isolated shipboard growing environment would be ideal in so many ways and has endless possibilities. What we grow aboard the ship will be used to feed the crew and also would be provided to struggling farmers in remote regions of the world - we could do all of the things that should be taking place but are not, as the western world's military industrial complex has swallowed so many billions in recent years killing rather than preserving life and removing personal liberty with endless government control.

With a dedicated crew and constant visits from famous people, rock stars, celebrities, authors and politicians, all from any number of countries, we would distribute peace, love, food, news, and when people are drowning we would fly in and lift them to safe ground. I can't help but think of the U2/Greenday version of The Saints are Coming which possibly underscores the pain related to this whole idea better than anything else. Those who think my expression of 'peace and love' is some sign of weakness should consider that they were babies once and they needed those things, even if as adults they find the ability to think in ruthless ways.

Staying Afloat

I also want to be clear that ship would not be defenseless, it will be armed, though not to the level it was as a Naval vessel. Needless to say, piracy is a serious problem today and it isn't just taking place off the coast of Somalia. While the military aspect would be greatly reduced, our ship would remain sufficient to defend its human crew and passengers from any type of threat. Since the mission would be 100% peaceful in nature and approach, and the ship would never be used in a military application, only for relief efforts, and all of our responses would be fully documented with video; the ship and crew would always be well within their rights to sail in security and be defensive when necessary.

One important role of the proposed vessel would be to build and maintain a fleet of drone aircraft that are equipped with live video cameras that would document abuses and violations of Human Rights. This is one of my personal motivations and it is more than necessary.

Breathing much needed life into the plan is the fact that in 2009, the Sri Lankan government horrifically murdered tens of thousands of civilians in an ethnic cleansing Genocide. This took place because the United Nations followed the Sri Lanka govt. direction and evacuated its international observers from the ground. The UN left, and the Genocide shifted gears, and somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 thousand Tamil people in the northern coastal areas were slaughtered out of the world's view.

This ship would be a deterrent to crimes against humanity because we would monitor situations of this nature with these eyes in the sky. If a country shoots one down, we launch another. Our video would be shared with world authorities to aid in the investigation of war crimes and Human Rights violations. Countries would eventually learn that they can not prevent such observations from non-military video drone planes, and they would not ever again be able to commit a Genocide the way Sri Lanka did, without the world watching it live.

Media Applications

Some experts disagree, but our safety would at least in part be guaranteed because of our massive world news presence and multi language media broadcasts. 24-hours a day, we would deliver news from a studio aboard the ship with the absolutely latest technology, and establish a cable channel very similar in nature to CNN.

The content of our media productions would range from:

  • 24-hour news from traditional style anchor teams running through the top headlines and stories and sharing in-depth reports;
  • movies and sports programs produced aboard the ship, utilizing amazing locations at various world ports we visit,
  • to all manners of documentaries and regular program length coverage of the crew's personal stories, rescue operations of refugees, personality profiles, struggles, challenges
  • and all of the news from our reporters already in place in this world.

Salem-News.com would become a 24-hour news satellite TV network and continue our online presence that currently accounts for 97 writers located in 23 countries.

In addition to a centralized news operation, entertainment-based programming produced on this ship would replace disputed American shows that many of us roll our eyes over; programs that invest huge money placing western people in difficult third-world environments - to vote each other into a deep depression. Here the challenges would be real, and everything that happened would be for the betterment of human beings. Reality television is yet to be defined.

We would multiply our presence with Salem-News.com by many times, and reestablish much of the mainstream world's connectivity, primarily North American and the UK, to the concept of unfiltered honest reporting, that favors no national aspirations but the cause of humanity only, for the entire world.

Providing informative and entertaining programming that would keep the world updated on our progress in helping people, we would focus on the amazing personalities of the rescuers, the medical teams, the men and women of the crew who keep the ship underway, the aviation crews that fly the ship's rescue helicopters, the technicians who keep them airworthy, the ship's command and captain, the ports we visit: our shows will be mixed with positivity and examples of conflict resolution that motivate people to simply be more conscience and considerate in their treatment of others.

Losing its military nature, with its tremendous media presence that will be built upon our existing efforts, this ship would be the biggest inspiration for peace on the high seas or anywhere else for that matter. I believe ideas have to be put forward and again, we have to consider the old phase, 'Size Does Count' and run with it as far as we can. Any port the ship ever entered would see a spectacular welcoming, as it always is for aircraft carriers. The ship could make the world a much better place.

I haven't spoken to the groups about this specifically, but I can imagine groups like Doctors Without Borders, Northwest Medical Teams, and so many other similar agencies, would be willing to take tours of duty aboard such an important vessel. And there are many more that do so much good.

While we would work in conjunction with world bodies that govern international law, we will not be swayed from missions or deterred by illegal Genocidal government and military groups when the lives of human beings are at risk, hanging in the balance... if nobody else is doing anything about it. We would maintain sufficient force for self-defense and to aid in rescue operations if and when necessary. In fact, there would be a highly trained security arm of the operation with dozens of (mostly) veterans from different nations who would be crucial in evacuations. They would be highly trained and their role as armed crew members of the ship would be 100% defensive in nature only, but their mission will at times be very serious.

HMS Ark Royal

One ship that would be perfect for this role, shown in photos accompanying this article, is the H.M.S. Ark Royal; slightly less than 700 feet in length; designed to carry 1000 crew and aviators, 22 Harrier jets and helicopters, while traveling at 30 knots an hour. That is extremely fast for any ship. It is so recently decommissioned, that it actually wasn't meant to end service until 2016. If England wants to continue making amends to the world by getting behind the most fantastic program for peace of its nature ever conceived, then we might be doing business in the future. The time for direct action for peace is here and now and it is not a political or religious endeavor but one of multiple cultures and faiths; proving how we are only one race on one planet and we have to work hard in extremely creative ways to survive and improve liability and humanity itself. We object to the plundering of poor countries, we abhor violence and ethnic cleansing, and believe many people need assistance during times of natural disaster, and most decent governments would welcome the assistance.

With a new clearly stated mission of rescue and peace, healthcare and the improvement of knowledge; this ship would offer a multitude of educational platforms primarily pertaining to media development, but also going far beyond that. Ships of this nature have large shop areas that can be re-designated as small factories, research and development labs and more. One thing we also want to do is manufacture surfboards and distribute them in poor areas without access to supplies, and when there is downtime, we will explore some of the world's prime surf spots and record our team's big wave riding adventures in spectacular locations.

I'd think maybe more than a few Royal Navy sailors who served upon this modern ship would be interested in being part of it again and I also believe many activists would quickly volunteer to be part of such a dynamic mission. It will be more effort to screen potential crewmembers for security purposes than it will to locate people interested in being part of the world's grandest effort to simply help humankind.

“Beautiful Hope” by Agron Belica

Song for Tim King

Produced by Tim Adamack/Agron Belica


A King with a dream not for one race it seems—

For all humanity, whenever they are in need;

A universal plan to serve people, that’s all;

United as one, together we stand tall !

Don’t care what they say; we don’t care anymore!

When you need support, you’ll find us parked by the door;

Armed for defense for those quick-on-the-draws.

The call is too important! Ready to die for the cause!

Imagine a world living free without wars;

The saints here shine and the words, they roar:

The righteous shall prosper and the peace signs soar!

A better world is what they’re all hoping for!


A beautiful hope for a beautiful world!

We’re gonna make it happen, yeah! We’re gonna make it work…

I’m no one’s fool; I’m no pawn on the board;

I’m a free man, baby, with my king’s crown on!


The king’s vision here makes the soul wanna scream;

To serve the world as one! That’s a hell of a dream!

No indoctrination, no names on the wall;

Just a party of people doing God’s work is all.

Doing what’s right we can never go wrong;

From my heart, my friend, I write you this song.

If we stand united, God will never let us fall;

With you I share the dream; let them all hear the call!

Imagine a world living free without wars;

The saints here shine and the words, they roar:

The righteous shall prosper and the peace signs soar!

A better world is what they’re all hoping for!

A beautiful hope for a beautiful world!

We’re gonna make it happen, yeah! We’re gonna make it work…

I’m no one’s fool; I’m no pawn on the board;

I’m a free man, baby, with my king’s crown on!


Don’t care what they say; we don’t care anymore!

When you need support, you’ll find us parked by the door;

Armed for defense for those quick-on-the-draws.

The call is too important! Ready to die for the cause!

Imagine a world living free without wars;

The saints here shine and the words, they roar:

The righteous shall prosper and the peace signs soar!

A better world is what they’re all hoping for!

A beautiful hope for a beautiful world!

We’re gonna make it happen, yeah! We’re gonna make it work…

I’m no one’s fool; I’m no pawn on the board;

I’m a free man, baby, with my king’s crown on!

Moving it Forward

This idea needs to move forward. Exactly what it will cost to purchase a ship and prepare it for its first year of work it not known, but I suspect, based on existing sales information, that the vessel will cost between five and seven million dollars, (though they have recently sold for less than five million) and the necessary upgrades and reconfiguration, and operating costs for the first year, could be as little as another five to seven million, and that accounts for the acquisition of the initial group of helicopters and spare parts necessary to keep them flying.

This is a large amount but not in comparison to what it can do.

Those interested should write to me and we can discuss the idea in more detail. I am an extremely busy and consumed news and video editor and those who write with interest in being part of the experience will have their contact information saved, but will not be contacted unless or until we know the operation is moving forward. If we do not find the money, we don't have a mission, so it is imperative that the funding is located as soon as possible. This is the cost of a luxury home in Southern California, it is a tiny fraction on a government cost sheet, it is a sizable sum but less than half of what a single new fighter jet costs the U.S. taxpayer. We know there are people with sufficient resources who can easily back this project. Mainstream media will have no choice, they will have to give it coverage. It will be a breakthrough and there will be no going back. If you have funding or know where funding for this project exists, then please write to this specially established email address: Salem-News@gmx.com, rather than my regular email, however that is located below also.

Efforts will Offset Costs

In all truth, there are so many accompanying business ideas with this plan that it could generate a great deal of funding, but that should be used to help sustain costs and further the mission. Funding needs to come from one or more parties that simply want to see this happen. Beyond our efforts, this is a project that can help open trade to regions of the world that are restricted and cut off. I know I mentioned it before, but the educational aspects are staggering. The advertising revenue from the programming produced from the ship could be astronomical as well, and for all intents should be.

I have been studying the issue for the past several months and have a great deal more to share, but this seems sufficient for now, as the idea is one that will develop in stages. If we want to fix this world, then we must have a new presence that all people see that is neither government or business oriented, not right or left; just for the sake of humanity and avoiding tragedy, equal rights, and to become an informational zone that will compete with the world's largest media groups, in multiple languages. At the same time the ship will likely be used as a reporting platform for an endless array of visiting media.

This is an idea, and I think it is a good one. I challenge people with ample financing to not just consider this, but to jump in with both feet. It would be a multi national, multi cultural, multi religious gathering of souls who strive to help others but need a more solid platform to work from. When the day comes that parties are committing sufficient funds, and I hope this is very soon, we will determine what ships are available on the market. The HMS Ark Royal is only one option, though it appears to be a good one. There are other ships in her class due to retire in 2112.

Using existing efforts, we will create a board that is comprised of World Dignitaries, Nobel Laureates, and together see a new leaf turn in world history. The Internet allows connectivity at unprecedented levels, this will be an expression of humanity at unprecedented levels. Again, my regular email address is located below with my bio, but for this purpose, if you are a serious, interested party, please write to: Salem-News@gmx.com

And as a final note, we will not accept comments for this story that are insulting or demeaning, it is OK to ask and pose questions, but we are trying to do something very large and it is not a threat to anyone. So please stay on topic and be constructive.

Site on the Ark Royal: http://blogs.yourdiscovery.com/whats-new/2011/02/hms-ark-royal.html

Tim King: Salem-News.com Editor and Writer Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as Salem-News.com's Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines. Tim holds awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Silver Spoke Award by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (2011), Excellence in Journalism Award by the Oregon Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (2010), Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), First-place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Tim has several years of experience in network affiliate news TV stations, having worked as a reporter and photographer at NBC, ABC and FOX stations in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. Tim was a member of the National Press Photographer's Association for several years and is a current member of the Orange County Press Club. Serving the community in very real terms, Salem-News.com is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. As News Editor, Tim among other things, is responsible for publishing the original content of 82 Salem-News.com writers. He reminds viewers that emails are easily missed and urges those trying to reach him, to please send a second email if the first goes unanswered. You can write to Tim at this address: newsroom@salem-news.com

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Agron B. November 28, 2012 5:22 pm (Pacific time)

WORD! :)

Alberto August 19, 2011 7:01 am (Pacific time)

Who would be the leader in such an endeavor? I could see a board of many like-minded members, but ultimately there has to be a top gun to get things moving. Have you an idea who that would be? Seems that a high level of management experience would be required, so that may bring forth conflict with those whose ideas run against realistic possibilities that an experienced manager knows will not work. Also just the ongoing expense of running something like this would be very difficult to project, and would it work? Would it duplicate other programs that are more efficient? People donating money will most likely have their own agenda.

Tim King: Alberto, good questions.  Our biggest advantage stems from the years of connections tied to our work here.  There are many qualified people at this point who would be part of the operation, however the qualifications to serve as captain aboard such a vessel are large.  I know that my role would center around media operations.  With regard to the people needed to do this, we would be very secure and just have tight security and know as much about who we are dealing with as possible.  If and when people show that they are suspicious, not properly motivated, etc., they will be simply sent home.  The expenses are something we can only project. They could be more than we estimate, but once this begins an account will be established and only if and when sufficient funds are available, would we take it to the next step or level.  Right now I look forward to commitments from parties that can help.  Yes, this  certainly would mirror existing efforts, but only in concept.  There is no entity like this in the world and the media presence is what will fully set it apart.  Finally, any parties that tie strings to donations and expect anything in return above and beyond our proposed mission will not be allowed to invest.  I hope that helps, thanks for the good questions

Anonymous August 18, 2011 6:12 pm (Pacific time)

Bill Gates is a eugenics freak by the way..The billionaires that met together to give 1/2 their money is a business move to sterilze the population, getting our tax money. These people do NOT give their money away..Do some research in humanity...

Tim King: OK, point taken, we are of course dead set against eugenics and have written about that, and we are strongly against GMO food also, which ties back to Gates, but the intention of that suggestion was good.  What I believe is that there are many people in the world, possibly of Arab and Persian descent, who know we are willing to write truth and that we are American and perhaps the only group positioned the way it is.  Perhaps people who share our disgust for the Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide will appreciate what we are trying to do. There are thousands of people alive today who could drop the kind of money we are looking for without the slightest problem, and we will see what they do.  You can't take money with you when you go, burial cloaks have non pockets, so one might as well aid humanity in full force and see how much good they can do.

Anonymous August 18, 2011 6:09 pm (Pacific time)

"The world is out of balance because of greed and violence. I despise any notion of population control though there are many government leaders who should be locked up and the key thrown away".
Exactly Tim..lets see what john lennon has to say about it also... :-)

Anonymous August 18, 2011 3:23 pm (Pacific time)

This is the kind of thing that a few individuals like Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet, et al, could fund in a moment with their signature alone--if they believed in it as a possibility and, more importantly, if they are informed of the possibility. We could send article links, but this is the kind of thing that Tim King should be trying to get directly to their attention. Tell them the ship will be named after them. The U.S.S. Bill Gates! Has a bit of a ring to it. And let the others compete for that honour.

COLLI August 18, 2011 11:19 am (Pacific time)

It is a truly vast but beautiful dream Tim. I hope your dream becomes reality.

Anonymous August 18, 2011 7:10 am (Pacific time)

How many ships are out there now? How many hundreds of thousands of personnel (volunteers alone), along with billions of dollars of medicine and other supplies, are helping people around the world on just on a daily level? How many charitable organizations and various churches supplement that total? I believe all help is a good thing, but logistically speaking, maybe you simply do not have any idea how uninformed you are, and in terms of logistical planning, that process is fluid and requires considerable experience and even more funds than you could imagine. Talk to a Merchant Marine Master for more cost insights. Let's say you get what you think will have a dramatic global impact, then get a 100 times that, you will not change anything, other than help create more misery. You should focus your energy on developing humane and culturally acceptable methods of reducing population. Familiarize yourself with various geographical birthrates in different areas, and available food supplies (best/worst case scenario), then extrapolate those supplies (finite) with population growth (not finite) and see where the real problem lies.

Tim King: I know there are unanticipated costs and I also know we have a few precious years on this planet to try to do what we can/  Population control  might be the most conflicting thing in the world that you could reference and I have no idea why you did.  I have a clue for you; there are few places in the world that could not sustain human beings if they were provided the correct infrastructure.  Western governments have taken their wealth from the ground of other countries, they have existed because of the labor of others.  The world is out of balance because of greed and violence.  I despise any notion of population control though there are many government leaders who should be locked up and the key thrown away.  There are answers, they take big ideas, and in the meanwhile kids don't eat, family homes are destroyed, religious zealots and fundamentalist freaks keep pushing people into their respective corners when we all need to move to the center stage and appreciate the potential we are truly given.

Agron Belica August 18, 2011 6:36 am (Pacific time)


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