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5 Things You Should Know About Instagram in 2020

Instagram is the top of the social media pyramid, and has been for years now.


(SALEM, Ore.) - If you’re new to Instagram this year or a seasoned veteran of the platform, there are some things to know about Instagram for 2020. Changes come often to social media, with frequent updates and commentary from the public.

Instagram has changed much since its debut in 2010 and continues to change as the years go by. With 2020, the platform is celebrating its 10th birthday, and rolling out some new changes to meet the new year in style. Here are five things you should know about Instagram in 2020.

1. IGTV is Here and Doing Well

Instagram’s own long-format video platform has arrived, and it’s doing pretty well. The platform has been well-received by critics and users alike, with popular Instagrammers and content creators taking to it almost immediately.

Where before videos on Instagram had a short time limit, which prevented longer ads and video content, this stand-alone feature allows for longer videos in a sleek new app.

Videos can be up to an hour in length with IGTV, and the platform is looking to take on the likes of YouTube with its new video service. Viewers and content creators alike appreciate the extra creative freedom, and businesses can use this platform to create compelling ads or marketing materials.

You’ll need to download the app separately from Instagram, and you’ll need an Insta account to use the service.

The future of IGTV looks bright as more and more Instagrammers download the app and give it a try. As of now, there’s no similar monetary system like Youtube’s monetization in place, so you can’t exactly make a living from IGTV.

However, if you’ve already got a successful Instagram account, you can certainly use IGTV to drive more followers to your main page.

2. You Can Buy Real Followers

There’s been some controversy in the past about free Instagram followers and paid services, but it’s an actual legitimate way to gain subscribers for your page. Most of these services will send you free followers as your trial period to get an idea of how the service works.

You’ll be able to choose from different followers and likes packages, many of them offering up to 1,000 or more followers in a single order! This makes it easier than ever to boost your page with 100% real people who will stay engaged with your content.

Instagram has continuously updated its terms of service to prevent fake accounts from gaining ground and has successfully limited the number of these “bots”, which effectively crippled some of the less legitimate services who were sending fake bots to their customers.

This can actually put your entire account at risk, and let’s be honest here; having a group of followers made up of bot accounts doesn’t add any value to your page. They don’t share your posts, their comments are worthless, and it feels hollow to not have real people following your content.

Buying followers offers a quick boost for new users, or for pages that just can’t seem to pass that follower goal they keep setting. There’s nothing wrong with buying followers now and again, and with a legitimate service, you can buy followers who are actually active on Instagram.

3. Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram has taken some steps toward working more for businesses and brands with the Instagram business account option. You can upgrade any personal account to a business account and transform the way your content is located and how you interact with customers on the app.

A business account comes with extra tools and features you just can’t get from a personal account, including analytics, access to Instagram ads, and more.

If you’re not running analytics on your Instagram posts, you won’t know if your content is reaching people or if your hashtags are working. It’s important to know if you’re choosing the right hashtags; otherwise, your content could be pushed to the bottom of the search results and not seen by your audience.

Hashtags are pretty much the most important part of your posts, so upgrade and get analytics tools to ensure you’re using the right ones!

You’ll also get a contact button on your page, so your customers won’t have to search your bio for business contact information any longer. The best part? Instagram Business is free to use, just like a regular Instagram account.

If you could have a powerful, versatile, and accurate marketing tool for your business free of charge, why wouldn’t you? Upgrade today and take your business to the next level.

4. The Like Button May Be Going Away

Instagram announced in November of last year that it would be rolling out a test for certain users that involved removing all “likes” from the platform.

This move was made in response to some of the negative feedback the app has gotten for its alleged effect on the mental health of its users. Constant comparisons, among other things, has led to a decline in the mental health of Instagram’s user base (or so it’s been suggested).

According to ViralRace, the company is hoping to take action by removing the like button altogether and focusing on making the platform more authentic than ever. With no like button, it’s unclear how the platform will allow users to measure the success of their posts, but only time will tell if this move achieves the desired outcome or not.

5. Instagram is Always Evolving

Like any good business, Instagram changes and evolves as its audience does (hence the removal of the like button). It’s very likely that before the year is up, we’ll see even more changes roll out to keep Instagram at the top of the social media pyramid where it’s been for years now.

With over one billion people on the app, there’s enormous pressure for the developers to follow the needs and wants of the people that use the app. Keep your eyes open for more changes!

What do you think about removing the like button? Is it a good or a bad thing?

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